Beyond the Bubble: City of Salem's Comprehensive Plan

Contact: Emilio A Solano

Learn from Salem’s city planners, April 25, about how the city continues to grow, what is being developed to keep the city moving forward, and how you can take part in that process. Dinner provided!

Join for dinner, a presentation, and discussion of the City of Salem's Comprehensive Plan. The plan addresses Salem's continual growth and the biggest areas of need that must be addressed to keep the city moving forward. These initiatives include affordable housing, walkability, reduced emissions, biking and roadways, parks, and healthy streams. City long range planners will join to present the process of the plan development and the final product and then there will be breakout rooms with different planners to narrow our focus into different initiatives that community members can ask questions and give feedback to. We encourage Salem Campus community members to join and learn more about how Willamette can continue to play a role in the future of our Salem community.

Date: Thursday, April 25

Time: 6–8 p.m.

Location: Cat Cavern


6–7:15 p.m.: Dinner and presentation of Salem’s Comprehensive Plan

7:15–8 p.m.: Initiative breakout rooms with Salem city planners

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