The Kaneko Gen Set is located on the East Entrance to the Kaneko Parking Lot (the parking lot that has the automatic gate), then to the north near Wing A. It is an enclosed stucco area with no roof and a corrugated metal gate for access. The Gate has signage that states Spill Kit Inside. In the event of an accidental spill of Diesel, Oil and/or Glycol (Antifreeze), the following procedures will be implemented immediately.

Immediately verify the Neoprene Drain Cover from the Spill Kit located in the enclosed area which houses the Gen Set has been installed on the storm drain. The storm drain is located in front of the automatic east gate. If it has not, remove the Neoprene Drain Cover from the Spill Kit and cover the drain. Notify one of the Facilities Management Team Managers, or Supervisor of Maintenance. (They will contact the appropriate campus departments) First priority is First Aid. Any spill that results in personal exposure should be treated immediately; Eyes/skin contact: Assist the person to a water source and flush eyes or affected skin area thoroughly and continuously for 15 minutes. Remove contaminated clothing making sure not to contaminate yourself in the process of helping. Ask bystanders to either help or stay out of the way. Evacuate the area if the spill is severe or dangerous. Identify the type of chemical and its hazardous characteristics to Campus Safety and other responders.


  • Name of chemical
  • Approximate quantity
  • Location of spill
  • Flammability?
  • Toxic?
  • Corrosive?

General Cleanup Procedures - For minor spills only

Obtain a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the chemical that was spilled.

Only trained personnel should attempt to clean up spills. Cleaning up chemical spills is dangerous and should only be performed by professionally trained persons. Use the Universal Deluxe Spill Kit you got the Neoprene Drain Cover out of. The kit contains a bag of granular, Universal Pads, Universal Socks, Gloves, Goggles and disposable bags. Further supplies if needed are available at the maintenance shops.

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