It shall be the policy of Willamette University to prevent the disposal of Fats, Oil and Grease into the Campus and City of Salem sewer systems as a commitment to environmental responsibility. Willamette University shall abide by all Federal, State and Municipal Codes and Ordinances relating to the disposal of Fats, Oil and Grease.

No Fats, Oils or Grease will be poured down any drains, commodes, showers, bathtubs, in any of the Kaneko Commons units owned by Willamette University. All kitchen units will be equipped with a Fat Trapper. This fat trapper has disposable foil lined bags to pour all fats, oils and grease into for proper disposal. Educating the students on this policy and environmental issues will be the responsibility of Residential Services and Residence Life.

The goal is to have 100% compliance with this policy through education of students and staff.

Through implementation of this policy Willamette University will be a positive example and play a significant role in the advancement of environmental stewardship on the Campus and in the local and greater community.

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