Fire extinguishers are located throughout each building and in staff apartments. Know the location of all fire exits, fire alarms and extinguishers. Fire doors close automatically when an alarm sounds to prevent a fire from spreading. If fire doors do not operate properly, notify your RA or Area Coordinator.

In the event of a fire alarm, you need to close all windows or balcony doors, leave your room/apartment, close the door behind you and evacuate the building according to the posted evacuation routes. Stay away from the building until instructions are given to return.

Fire doors, hallways and stairwells must be clear of obstructions at all times. All fire doors equipped with an automatic door closure are not to be tampered with or disabled. According to the Uniform Fire Code it is a violation to prop a door even if it is attended. Fines could be levied by the Fire Marshal.

Students cannot tamper with smoke detectors. If a battery is low (beeping) submit an emergency work order. After hours, call Campus Safety (x6911 or 503-370-6911) for assistance. An officer will replace the battery or install a temporary smoke detector for the night. Facilities Management (maintenance) or Campus Safety staff will assist right away. NEVER remove the battery. This compromises the safety and security of the entire community.

Overhead room lights and sconces cannot be covered, tampered with nor have the bulbs removed. Due to the potential hazards, halogen lights are not permitted on campus.

Hazardous chemicals or materials are not permitted in the residences (e.g. gasoline, scooters, compressed gas).

All smoke detectors must be operational and have at least 18 inches of clearance (i.e., from shelves, drapes, etc.). Sprinkler heads must have 18 inches of clearance and cannot be used to hang things. The glass plug on the sprinkler heads cannot be touched. Nothing can be hung on or next to the sprinkler heads or lines. If they are jarred in any way, the sensor will be activated, setting off the sprinkler system and potentially flooding your room/the hallway.

Tapestries or other large pieces of material cannot be hung from light fixtures, sprinklers or smoke detectors and must be sprayed with fire retardant (No-Char) available through a Housing or Campus Safety staff member. Oregon's Fire Code does not permit the use of live holiday decorations (i.e., trees, wreaths, holly, etc.) in student rooms/apartments.

Pulling the fire alarm in a nonemergency situation or tampering with fire safety or firefighting equipment is prohibited. This equipment includes fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire alarms, EXIT signs, electrical systems, lighting and automatic door closures. If an alarm is intentionally set off or equipment is tampered with and the responsible party is unknown, the entire living unit or portion thereof may be held responsible (at the discretion of the Housing office).

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