Facilities Management (maintenance) staff makes every effort to keep the residences in good condition. However, normal wear and tear does occur and repairs are necessary. All residents should submit requests for repairs online through the Maintenance Report Form.  Your signature on your housing agreement authorizes a Facilities Management, Facilities Services or WITS staff member to enter your room/suite/apartment to complete any work order that you submit throughout the contract period.

Students are responsible for reporting any damages, vandalism, theft or maintenance needs promptly so repairs can be made or replacements ordered in a timely manner. Please report emergency situations to a Residence Life and Housing or Service Center staff member immediately.

If an emergency situation arises, please call the Work Order Coordinator (503-370-6638) or Campus Safety (503-370-6911) after hours. The following is a list of examples that require an immediate emergency work order (not all inclusive):

Fire/Life Safety

  • Smoke detector is not in working order (beeping battery, missing, etc.)
  • Missing fire extinguisher (and/or only partially full)
  • Emergency lights not in working order
  • Sparks coming out of an outlet
  • Broken window or glass door
  • Problem with entry into a building (door not locking, card reader)
  • Slip, trip hazard


  • Roof leak
  • Broken pipe
  • Toilet overflowing


If it is something that affects a student’s safety and/or ability to study:

  • Desk/over head light doesn't work or the bulb is burned out
  • Room or exterior door which cannot be cannot locked or opened
  • Heat not working

Urgent Maintenance Requests

During office hours

After-Hours Emergencies

Campus Safety

Additional Resources

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