Study Abroad: First-year Students!

Are you a WU first-year student who is interested in studying abroad at some time in your undergraduate journey? You've come to the right place! Willamette has a wide range of study abroad programs that offer nearly every student an opportunity to engage in meaningful, and for some, life-changing, experience out in the world.

Are you interested in studying abroad in summer 2024, fall 2024, spring 2025 or full academic year 2024-2025? 

If yes, visit our How to Apply page to learn more about study abroad at Willamette. The deadline to apply for programs in any of those sessions will be late November 2023. (specific due date to be announced) 


Looking down the road to 2025-2026 to study abroad?

If you are thinking about studying abroad in summer 2025, fall 2025, spring 2026 or full year 2025-2026, you are right to begin to explore early.  Willamette has one application deadline per year, in fall semester, so applications for 2025-2026 programs will be accepted during fall semester 2024. 

What can you do this year to prepare?  A Lot!!

Bring up your interest in study abroad when you meet with your academic advisor next. Discuss the broad strategies for how to plan academically, especially if you don't know yet what your major will be. (hint: you don't have to declare a major to plan for a study abroad experience!)

Start to explore the OIE website.  There is A LOT of information there, so take it in small steps and make notes as you go. An excel spreadsheet is a great way to keep notes because you can drop web links right into it. Look at introductory Study Abroad pages to understand how it works at WU and keep yourself open to programs in locations you hadn't considered before.







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