How to Apply

WU Sponsored Study Abroad

Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022

Applications OPEN!

Application deadline

December 1, 2020

 Step 1: Watch FIRST STEP

FIRST STEP - a 12 minute VIMEO will get you started!

This is a recorded information session about WU Sponsored Study Abroad. We require this session. This brief video will explain how study abroad works at WU, encourage you to consider how your goals impact your choices, describe the resources and how to use them, and outline the next steps in the process. After viewing FIRST STEP you are eligible to request a study abroad advising meeting.  

Step 2: Complete the Advising Request Form

Advising Request Form

This form is designed to help you prepare for an advising appointment with an OIE Advisor and help you identify people and resources available to support you during the application process. This form is not part of a study abroad application. 

Step 3: Explore

Prepare while you wait for your advising meeting. Research Selection Criteria, how to apply, available programs, deadlines and the included IDS 102X Maximizing the Study Abroad Experience (.25) course. Review the elements needed to complete your application here.

Step 4: Meet with Advisors - we have things to talk about!

OIE study abroad Advisor: This is an opportunity to ask questions you have, discuss program details, review eligibility and policies. Our goal is to assist you in program discernment and submitting a strong application. We require OIE Advising.

Academic Advisor: Meet with your academic advisor to discuss what kind of courses you may need or want to take abroad. Talk about how studying abroad will fit into your overall degree plan. We require this meeting. Foreign language program? Meet with the WU language department to discuss how the courses would come back to WU.

Step 5: Start an application - Coming Soon!

Click on Apply Now! Sign in with your WU credentials. Choose a program to open an application. This step is how you get WU's approval to participate in study abroad with WU's sponsorship. Your application will be for a specific program but you will also list what your alternative programs are in that application too.

How many applications?

  • Interested in 1 semester: You will have 1 application by the deadline.
  • If you want summer and a semester, you will have 2 separate applications.
  • 2 semesters?  Consult with OIE for advice.

Step 6: Consider how you will pay for study abroad

Start planning now for how you will pay for study abroad! Review program information and the Cost Matrix for an estimate and to put together potential costs.

Willamette financial aid: For all Willamette-sponsored programs, you are billed regular WU tuition and use your usual financial aid. How will your financial aid work or how can you add aid? Contact a WU financial aid advisor.

Study abroad scholarships: Research scholarships EARLY (even as you apply to study abroad!) to avoid missing deadlines.

  • Some scholarship deadlines will come before you receive the official approval of your study abroad application. Don't wait!
  • Check eligibility requirements of each scholarship. Contact the scholarship program to find out if you can apply before you have final approval from Willamette.
  • Start as early as you can!

Step 7: Check your Passport 

Get a Passport or Renew your passport as soon as you can! Current delays in passport application processing make it particularly important to do this NOW - even before you apply for study abroad! It is an important identity document for getting ready for study abroad well before you leave in addition to getting a visa and travel. You will need your passport to register with your program well before you arrive. Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the end date of your program. 

What Happens Next? 

December to mid-January: Ask OIE any questions during Winter Break if you are unsure about any aspect of your commitment to study abroad. The Committee needs an accurate assessment of your intentions. Consider credit needs, financial implications, program "fit", and anything that has changed since you submitted your application.

If you are approved/accepted by the Off-Campus Study Committee for WU sponsored study abroad:

  • A program and term are assigned to you in the decision notification (usually late February).
  • You will Commit or Decline the offer. You will have about 10 days to do so and to pay the required deposit. Be ready to move forward in the process if you want to commit.
  • About four months before the program's start, you will complete a separate process to register for your assigned program.

Materials in the application describe withdraw and refund policies which you agree to as you apply.


Check the OIE website, view First Step, use your OIE advising session. Still have questions? Our office remains open year round. In winter 2020-2021, we are closed for two weeks when the University closes for winter break.

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