Terms available: Spring or full year only (early Feb to late June;  Sep to late June)

GPA minimum: Based on WU approval 

Link(s) to classes:

International Cultural Studies sample courses

Business Administration sample courses

About Aalborg

With its 137,000 inhabitants, Aalborg is now Denmark's fourth largest city and one of the most important trade and industrial centers in the country. From Aalborg, it is not far to the white beaches of the North Sea, to the forest of Rold, the lovely Rebild Hills or the slopes of the Jutlandic Ridge. Almost 35% of the city’s population are students of higher education, which gives the city a unique character full of life (AAU 2017) (UCN 2017). This is clearly seen at the city’s cafés, restaurants and various attractions. Furthermore, the city has continuously been named the happiest city in Europe (Martin 2016), which is quite remarkable as Denmark has been named the happiest country in the world for many years (CBS News 2017).

Aalborg University is a medium sized university with about 20,000 students including about 2,700 international students. The university is based on real-life problem-based learning ending each semester with a large group project. This model, known as the Aalborg Model, has been internationally recognized and led to the appointment of AAU as UNESCO Chair in problem-based learning.

In 2019, Aalborg was named one of the 52 Places to Go by the New York Times. 

Minimum GPA required by host program: Based on WU approval. 
(this program is offered for spring or academic year only)


Find Aalborg classes here:

International Cultural Studies sample courses

Business Administration sample courses

At Aalborg University students take part in either the International Cultural Studies (ICS) program or the Economics and Business Administration program. Willamette students will take their classes within one of these programs, both are taught all in English. Studies will consist of content courses plus one project-based class.

The ICS program focuses on the fields of culture, communication, politics, history and language. Read more about the project learning approach on the International Cultural Studies website. Content classes are taught in English and students have the option of taking one Intensive Danish Language course. Recommended majors include: Anthropology, Business, International Studies, Civic Communication and Media, Economics, Global Cultural Studies, History and Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics. See list of courses.

The Business Administration program includes courses such as international business, international marketing, entrepreneurship, organization, finance and information technology. See examples of courses in this program.  Consult an OIE advisor for more details.


Students live in the Danish version of residence halls called kollegium. Accommodations are typically a single room with a kitchen and bath or shared kitchen and bath.


The Aalborg program is only available for spring semester or a full academic year. Spring semester starts in February and ends late June. The academic year in September and ends in late June.  Fall semester is not ideal at Aalborg because the semester ends in mid-to-late January. Early final exams are not possible for some classes.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program. More information about living in Denmark. If considering the program in Aalborg talk to an OIE advisor about the Danish Residency Permit application in your advising session.


Aalborg University offers an Institutional Travel Scholarship, intended to help students at Aalborg's partner universities who are interested in studying at Aalborg for one or two semesters. Willamette can nominate up to two students per year for this scholarship (subject to change). As the program has limited funds, the Aalborg International Board will select the recipients.

As of 2021, the maximum Travel Scholarship amount will be up to 6,500 DKK. Students will get a refund of their travel expenses on arrival at Aalborg University by presenting an invoice, a receipt and a copy of their return ticket (APEX, economy, etc.) 

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