Eindhoven has been on maps since the Middle Ages and has changed political hands numerous times. In modern history the city is best known as the birthplace of Phillips electronics company and is a nexus for innovation, technology and design. The city suffered extensive damage during World War II and although the city retains architecture from previous eras, it now also hosts a number of unusual post WWII landmarks. These include a curvy glass building known as “The Blob” and a UFO-shaped convention center. Eindhoven is home to the world’s first ever floating bicycle path and a glow-in-the-dark bike path inspired by Starry Night that takes visitors from the main train station to a site where Van Gogh spent some of his childhood. Eindhoven hosts Dutch Design week in the Fall and is home to the Abbemusuem –one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary art in the region. 


Find classes here: Design Academy Eindhoven studios 

The Design Academy Eindhoven is one of the world’s leading design schools and has a reputation for focusing on social and cultural issues and conceptual design. All students who graduate from the Academy receive a Bachelor of Design degree. Applicants are assigned to a themed studio focusing on art, architecture, fashion design, graphic design or industrial design. The academy determines the best studio fit for applicants and students may not change their studio assignments. Students split their time between 2-3 days of classes and 2-3 days of self-study and homework. Students should be comfortable working independently. This is a competitive program and requires a portfolio and letter of motivation. The school receives a high volume of applications for 35 available spaces. Faculty at the school are practicing professionals and teach at the school one day per week. The language of instruction is English.


Students must find their own housing. The academy provides some advice on finding suitable housing. It is challenging to find housing in Eindhoven. 


The university is on a semester calendar, but only Spring semester is possible for Willamette students. Spring is from February to the beginning of July. 


Students pay Willamette tuition and can use their usual funding. Additional scholarships for study abroad are available for this program. Students are responsible for the costs of their own room and board.  

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