Graz, Austria


Graz is the second largest city in Austria and has the reputation of being a “student city” because of the large number of universities it holds. In 2003 Graz was named the Cultural Capital of Europe by the European Union. Students will study at Karl-Franzens Universität Graz, or Uni Graz. Willamette students are considered "Joint Study" exchange students, this should assist with the navigation of the Graz website.


Students will take an intensive month of German language classes upon arrival then continue with normal university courses as language ability allows. Students can continue with German language courses if necessary. Uni Graz has courses suitable for most majors, search for courses on Graz's website. Some courses in English are available; set the search function to 'English'. Students at all language levels must take a German course the semester prior to studying abroad.


Students live in single or double occupancy dorm rooms on campus. Find more accommodation information under Housing on Graz's website, do not fill out a housing application until advised to do so by the OIE.


The Graz program is available both fall and spring semesters and as a full year option. The intensive sessions are during the months of September and February. After the intensive sessions regular courses in the fall begin in October and concludes in February; spring semester begins in late February and concludes in late June. Because of the academic calendar, students are advised to study abroad for a full year or spring semester only, if possible.

Finals for the fall semester are in the last weeks of January. Students studying at Graz for the fall semester only must make arrangements with their professors upon arrival to take the finals early or after they are back in the U.S. Students must return to the U.S. for the beginning of the spring semester at Willamette. Professors are not obligated to allow changes to the finals schedule or location.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program. Prices vary greatly according to the standard and amount of service that’s included in the rent, see "Housing" for more information. Full year (not semester) students are required by the Austrian government to buy the Austrian National Health Insurance which costs approximately 23 Euro per month. This policy covers students not just in Austria but in all EU countries. In Austria, dental and eye examinations as well as medication costs are included. Students will need to pay the cost of the intensive language month (150 Euro, 2011 figure) up front and then will be reimbursed by Willamette as soon as possible.

Pre-departure Resources

Willamette students are considered "Joint Study" Non- EU exchange students, this should assist with the navigation of Graz's website.

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