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Global Studies Emergency Fund

This page is for students looking for emergency funding support related to unexpected expenses associated with studying abroad or being an international student studying in the US at WU (including PNCA and the Portland Center). This funding is NOT for the expected expenses of a semester's study at WU or abroad, but rather for things that are unanticipated and create an emergency funding situation.

Examples of unexpected expenses and/or circumstances include:

  • An extra airfare to return home for a family emergency
  • An unexpected medical expense not covered by insurance 
  • A program-related fee that is a hardship for you to cover
  • A USCIS application fee (like Economic Hardship Employment permission) that is a hardship for you to cover
  • Extra insurance coverage while abroad or while studying in the US
  • An unanticipated charge or expense not normally associated with your costs of study
  • An unexpected loss of income, scholarship, or source that funds your education (other than being a student abroad who is not allowed to work due to that country’s restrictions)

When you follow the links below, it will take you to the main Emergency Fund page for WU.  All funds at WU are administered using the same application.  By selecting "international student" or "study abraod student," you will be applying to all of the possible sources of funding available as emergency funding.  You do not have to submit multiple applications.

Emergency Funding

Study Abroad

Please complete this application if you are experiencing unexpected financial challenges that create a hardship to participation in your study abroad program.  Funds are open to undergraduate and graduate students participating in WU study abroad programs.  Students will need to demonstrate need.

Emergency Funding

International Student

Please complete this application if you are an undergraduate or graduate international student (F and J) who is experiencing unexpected financial challenges that create a hardship for you that impacts your studies. These funds are limited and will not be sufficient to cover large, regular expenses like tuition, fees and living expenses.  They can help with smaller, unexpected challenges.  Students will need to demonstrate need. 

Willamette University

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Global Learning Center
Willamette University
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