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    Mark Stewart

    Professor of Psychology, QUAD Center Director
    Smullin 208

    As a research psychologist I have expertise in human perception and performance, learning assessment, and program evaluation. I am involved in several behavioral and public health projects related to Oregon’s recent decriminalization of small quantities of narcotics (e.g., heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine). I teach an annual offering of research design and statistical analysis and a bio-based course in the discipline (e.g., sensation and perception, biopsychology, neuropsychology). Special topic courses include drugs and behavior and neuroscience, with a seminar offering entitled "Opioids, Pain, and Addiction." As former Director of Willamette’s Office for Faculty Research and Resources (OFFRR), I work with campus colleagues on their grant project evaluation needs. I am also available for medical/health care research design and data analysis consulting through a collaboration with nearby Salem Health.

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    Chloe Hart

    QUAD Center Assistant

    I am a junior Exercise and Health Science major with an interest in research. I have taken Research Design and Analysis (EXHS 256W), in addition to a variety of major courses including EXHS 246, EXHS 260 and EXHS 357. Software programs I have experience with include Excel, SYSTAT, and Jamovi.

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    Kira Saito

    QUAD Center Assistant

    I am a senior Psychology major. I have taken Research Methods and Analysis (PSYC-252 and PSYC-253) and Intro Stats (MATH-138). I am comfortable using Excel, Sheets, Jamovi, and RStudio.

  • Image of Jordan Roue

    Jordan Roue

    QUAD Center Assistant

    I am a senior Psychology and PPLE double major with a Mathematics minor. I have experience with sociology and psychology methods analysis. I am comfortable using Jamovi, Excel, and Sheets, and am experienced in statistics, including higher-level statistics and math. I have taken Psych 252 and 253, Sensation and Perception, Psychology and Law, and Developmental Psychology, as well as scattered sociology, history, and PPLE courses. 

Willamette University

QUAD Center

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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