The University strongly encourages use of alternative and environmentally friendly forms of transportation. For example, students and employees may purchase discounted Salem bus passes.

Permits are required year-round.

Apply for a parking permit!

Types of Parking Permits


Valid in any Standard lot. The purchase and proper display of a current Standard parking permit allows an individual to park in a Standard lot if there is a legal parking space available. Standard permit sales are not limited; a permit does not guarantee a space.


Permits are specific to an assigned Reserved lot or area, and a space is guaranteed; parking in Standard lots permitted evenings and weekends.


Permits are specific and valid ONLY in the Kaneko paved parking lot on 14th Street.


Valid in any Standard lot, or in designated Carpool spaces in the Guest/Visitor lot 7am-2pm Monday-Friday.

Apply for a parking permit!


(call or visit the Service Center unless otherwise noted)

  • 5-Use Permit is valid in Standard lots only.
  • Discounted bus passes are $22.50 for monthly pass; $270 for annual pass.
  • Guest/Visitor Lot is for University-invited guests via online reservation; unreserved spaces can be purchased after 7:00 a.m. for that day.
  • Parking Meters on campus are few and very short-term. See the campus map legend.
  • Academic Listeners and Gifted Scholars may purchase a Kaneko South permit valid in the Kaneko paved parking lot on 14th street.
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