Your application must include the application, your proposal, and the sponsor recommendation (there is no form for the sponsor recommendation). Your application must conform to the following guidelines for format. Please note: the proposal must discuss the relationship of the project to your thesis or indicate that the project is your thesis, and the proposal must clearly describe how the project will continue into the academic year.

An application consists of:

1. Project Proposal
A project proposal that is no more than ten pages, not including any appendices, typed in a font no smaller than 12 point, and includes the following:

  • Page One:
    o Name
    o GPA
    o Major
    o Project Title
    o Principal Advisor Name
    o Project Abstract (50-word maximum)
  • Pages Two-Ten:
    o Description of the project including rationale, research design and its relationship to contemporary scholarship;
    o Statement on the importance of your project for your own long-term goals;
    o Outline for completion of your project, including a timeline.

2. Current Transcript

3. Appendices
You may attach additional supporting documents such as photographs, artwork, letters
of cooperation from agencies or persons necessary to your research, charts and graphs. These will not count toward your page limit.

4. Letter of Support
Your principal advisor must submit a letter to the Undergraduate Grants & Awards
Committee under separate cover in support of your project. The letter will discuss
your project's merit and feasibility within the time frame specified in the application.

(Note: the separate application form is required.)

Willamette University

Student Academic Grants and Awards

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