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Campus Deadline: February 23, 2024 by 11:00 am for both student applications and faculty recommendations

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The Presidential Scholarship provides a $2,500 stipend for research in the summer preceding senior year and an additional scholarship toward tuition and books for the senior year, or toward grad school. The total value of the award is typically around $10,000. The project must continue for at least one semester in the senior year, and receives a maximum of 4 credits for the project (no more than three credits in one semester). Approximately two scholarships are available each year. Students may apply for these competitive scholarships as juniors. Presidential Scholarship projects may extend a student's senior thesis, or allow them to pursue independent work. Recent presidential scholars have:

  • Analyzed the material and rhetorical constructions of Saipan as a global tourist destination for luxury, leisure and entertainment
  • Examined second-hand smoking and tauopathy dysregulation and tau misregulation in a dementia animal model brain
  • Compared drug policy in the crack and opiate epidemics
  • Written a play about Victoria Woodhull and women’s voices in the Reconstruction-era political world
  • Studied the Ogoni Environmental Movement and the imperial economy of Nigerian oil

The Presidential proposal deadline is February 23, 2024 by 11:00 am. Past successful proposals are available for review online in the Academic Commons.

Proposals, transcripts, and supporting materials must be submitted online.

Sponsors should email their recommendations directly to Karina Pickett at


  1. Who should apply?
  2. I notice that a lot of past presidential scholars have been majoring in the sciences. I am a Philosophy major - will I have a chance?
  3. What are the most important criteria for selection?
  4. Can I use the scholarship to finish my thesis?
  5. Can I still apply for a presidential scholarship if I have received a Carson grant or SCRP grant?
  6. Does the Undergraduate Awards Committee always select two scholars?

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