The Cone Chapel (chapel) is a sacred space. It is primarily a place for worship and other spiritual, religious, or appropriate holistic secular or humanist activities. These shall include ceremonies, celebrations, meditation, and prayer from all faith traditions, as well as other less or non-traditional contemplative practices. Appropriate use shall be determined by the University Chaplain. Secondarily, appropriate fine arts and other educational events may be held from time to time, including some classes and appropriate group meetings or activities.

To this end, the following guidelines have been established:

  1. All group use of the chapel must be scheduled with the Office of the Scheduling, Events, and Conferences no less than three (3) business days prior to the event.
  2. Worship services will be scheduled in the following priority order:
    • University Worship services arranged and planned by the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life.
    • Services arranged and planned by established campus ministries (e.g., Campus Ambassadors, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Jewish Student Union, Muslim Student Union, Buddhist Student Association).
    • Other groups as approved by the University Chaplain.
  3. Memorial services, vigils, and other unanticipated services sponsored by the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life for members of the campus community (students, faculty, staff, trustees) may preempt other scheduled events, although all efforts will be made to honor scheduling.
  4. The following shall be standing uses of the chapel:
    • Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., will be reserved for private prayer, meditation, contemplative practice, and early morning services planned by the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life.
    • Thursdays, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., will be reserved for convocation series.
    • Thursdays, 4:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., will be reserved for weekly group meditation time.
  5. Fine arts performances must be scheduled through the Office of Scheduling, Events, and Conferences following standard procedures. Rehearsal time may be limited to a dress rehearsal and will be scheduled to allow priority use of the chapel for its primary uses.
  6. Use of the chapel for regular classroom activities became necessary due to the coronavirus pandemic and was made possible via the August 2020 renovation. Continued use of the chapel for classroom activities should be limited to those having unique needs that cannot be easily met in other spaces on campus, such as, special presentations, colloquium lectures, etc.
  7. Use of the chapel for the following activities has been determined to be inappropriate: regular classroom activities (see #6 above for exceptions), forensic debates, and music competitions. Non-spiritual/religious student club rituals require pre-approval by the University Chaplain.
  8. The Organ Policy is available upon request from the Office of Scheduling, Events, and Conferences. Coordination is required between the University Chaplain and the Keeper of the Organ for use.
  9. Furnishings in the chapel, including the piano, may not be moved without permission from the Director of Scheduling, Events and Conferences through the EMS process. The university banner that hangs over the pulpit/stage may not be removed without the express permission of the University Chaplain.
  10. Food or beverage may be allowed in the chapel as a part of special programming, and requires pre-approval by the University Chaplain.
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