1. No scotch tape on wall surfaces. Absolutely no nails or thumbtacks are allowed.
  2. No masking or duct tape on any surfaces. The only tape allowed is painter's tape which will be provided by facility management in reasonable quantities.
  3. Fountains and/or buckets, tubs or pools of water are not approved for use.
  4. Objects hung from or put on or in the ceiling must be pre-approved by the Building Manager.
  5. Glitter or confetti, in any form, is absolutely prohibited. Its use will result in additional charges and loss of future use of facilities.
  6. Decorating must be done within the scheduled use time and all decorations must be removed from the building by the sponsor (host) immediately following the event. If not, labor charges will be assessed for removal and destruction.
  7. All groups will be liable for damage caused by installation and use of decorations.
  8. Decorations cannot impede traffic flow nor obstruct entrances and exits.
  9. Decorations must meet fire code.
  10. Use of florist putty or other types of putty is prohibited.
  11. Only air or helium is allowed in balloons. Mixtures with sealer and/or glues are prohibited.
  12. Straw, hay or other products such as those are not permitted in the facilities without a waiver granted by the Building Manager.

Candle Policy

The following requirements are in accordance with Section 1109.8 of the State of Oregon Uniform Fire Code, and must be observed at all times at all events. Violations will result in fines of up to $250 per occurrence.

  • The Device or holder shall be designed so that it will return to the upright position after being tilted to an angle of 45 degrees from vertical.
  • Openings on the top and the distance to the top shall be such that a piece of tissue paper placed on the top will not ignite in 10 seconds.
  • Chimneys shall be made of non-combustible materials. Such chimneys shall be securely attached to the open-flame device.
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