Moderation is not active by default but is an important feature that helps group owners and Managers protect their members from junk mail and group misuse.

Moderation allows sufficiently-privileged group members, generally Owners and Managers, to determine which messages should be allowed through to the members of the group.  Messages selected for moderation are held in a 'Pending Messages' queue until their disposition is decided upon.

Groups have several standard moderation options:

  • Moderate no messages
  • Moderate all messages
  • Moderate messages from non-members

In addition to these options, moderation can be adjusted for individual members.   Moderation is subject to posting permission.

Moderating Members

By default, owners and managers have control over individual member settings.  Members can have their posting permission set to any of the following:

  • Default
  • Override - Allow Posting
  • Override - Disallow Posting
  • Override - Moderated Posting

Posting Permission

Moderation is subject to posting permission, so if you cannot post to the list, you cannot be moderated.  The following posting options are available:

  • Owners may post
  • Managers may post
  • All group members may post
  • Organization members may post (anyone with a email account)
  • Public (anyone in the world may post).

Moderation and Spam

Suspected spam messages of which Google is not 100% sure will end up in the 'Pending Messages' queue as well, even in the case of groups configured with no other moderation.  

Handling rejected messages

The Rejected author notification setting allows group owners to select whether rejecting a message triggers a notification back to the sender.  Options are:

  • Do not notify
  • Default rejection message
  • Custom rejection message
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