GlobalProtect VPN Setup Instructions: iOS

GlobalProtect allows your device to connect to the Willamette virtual private network (VPN). The device for all intents and purposes while connected to the VPN operates as though it were physically on-campus and connected to the campus network.

Only connect to the Willamette VPN when you have complete security and control over your device. Do not allow others to use your device while connected to the Willamette VPN.


Connection Details


Username: your Willamette username

Password: your Willamette password


iOS App Configuration

Download the GlobalProtect app from the App Store on your device.

Launch the app once it is installed.

Tap Server, enter this information: and then tap Connect.

Input your Willamette username and password, then tap Connect.

Tap OK to accept the VPN connection. You are now connected.

When you are done using your VPN connection, disconnect by tapping the Home button, then tap Disconnect.


From now on, when you start the GlobalProtect app, tap Portal, then tap Connect and you're all set.



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