GlobalProtect VPN Setup

Interested in using university resources while off campus?  Try using GlobalProtect VPN!  Available to faculty and staff, this Virtual Private Network client will allow you to access network drives and systems normally accessible only while on campus.  This includes your netfiles (H Drive) folder and departmental shared folders as well.

Basic Security Standards

In order to connect to our network using the VPN client, please be aware that your device must meet the following standards:

  • It must have a vendor-supported operating system
    • Old versions of Windows (like XP) and some old Mac OS versions (10.7 or older) are considered security risks and are not allowed on our network.
    • Please be sure your OS has the latest security updates no matter how new.
  • Your firewall must be enabled
  • You need to have anti-virus software installed with currently available updates in place

Setting up the Client

To get started, simply select and follow the instructions that correspond to the Operating System of your device:

GlobalProtect Setup for Windows

GlobalProtect Setup for MacOS (Macintosh Laptops and Desktops)

GlobalProtect Setup for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

GlobalProtect Setup for Android

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