GlobalProtect VPN Setup Instructions: Windows

GlobalProtect allows your device to connect to the Willamette virtual private network (VPN). The device for all intents and purposes while connected to the VPN operates as though it were physically on-campus and connected to the campus network. This allows you access to secured network resources like printing services and document sharing.

Important Things to Note

Only connect to the Willamette VPN when you have complete security and control over your device.

Do not allow others to use your device while connected to the Willamette VPN.

You will need to use an account with administrator rights to install the client.  If using a check-out or departmentally owned laptop please be sure the client is installed prior to leaving campus.

For all faculty and staff:  When logging into Global Protect, you will receive a Duo Two-Factor notification without any announcement that it's being sent.  Check your smartphone for a prompt.  If you use a fob or phone call for Duo, enter:  ,phone  after your password for a call or enter the fob passcode after your password:   ,123456   Leave no spaces before or after the comma.


Connection Details


Username: your Willamette username

Password: your Willamette password


Windows Configuration

Using any web browser, go to and login with your Willamette network credentials.

Click the link to download the GlobalProtect agent for your computer’s operating system. With very few exceptions, all Willamette University-owned Windows computers will use the 64 bit agent. If you are installing the agent on your home computer, open the System control panel to determine if your OS is 32-bit or 64-bit. You will be prompted to save the download, or it will go to your default downloads folder.

Navigate to your downloads and run the file named GlobalProtect64.msi.

On the Welcome screen click Next.

On the Select Installation Folder screen, accept the default folder location and click Next.

On the Confirm Installation screen, click Next.

At this step, you may be prompted for your computer’s credentials to approve the installation. On Willamette-owned laptops, this is your Willamette login credentials.


GlobalProtect Client Setup

Once installation is finished you can configure the GlobalProtect agent. If it has not started automatically, click the GlobalProtect icon, which is now in your System Tray.

The GlobalProtect screen will open. In the Portal box, enter:

Click the Connect button to make a test connection. You will be prompted to enter your Willamette Username and Password.

If the connection is successful, you’ll see a screen, with the Status shown as Connected. Click Disconnect to terminate the session and then close the GlobalProtect screen.

Click Close to dismiss the Installation Complete screen and then close or minimize your browser window, if it is still visible.

From now on, to make a connection, double-click the GlobalProtect icon in the System Tray.

Once you are connected, you can work as though you were on campus. For example, you will be able to map departmental groupfiles networks shares, which are not available without a VPN connection.

To disconnect, double-click the GlobalProtect icon in the System Tray and then choose Disconnect.

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