Zoom: Remote Participation and Virtual Classrooms

Willamette University provides faculty, staff, and students with free Zoom accounts that can be used for participation in and recording of audio and video conferencing using just about any computer or smart mobile device via WISE or directly from the Zoom app.  To keep within FERPA guidelines, we ask all faculty to set up and share their Course Zoom Meetings using the Zoom tool in WISE.  See below for details.

Faculty can set their own Zoom course meetings in advance or select administrative delegates to do this for them.  Students can create their own Zoom meetings for club, team and research gatherings as well.

Zoom Basics

Signing into Zoom
  • Always sign in using the SSO option (Or you'll appear as a guest, and may be blocked from joining some meetings!)
  • Download and use the Zoom Client application (Mac or PC) or App (Mobile Device)
    • When it asks for the domain, type "willametteuniversity" and it will add the .zoom.us afterward
    • Log in using your standard Willamette username and password
Recording with Zoom
  • Do not set your meetings to record automatically
  • Be sure to end your meeting when finished
  • Delete, or download and then delete, any Cloud Recordings at the end of each semester unless they are to be used in future courses or for academic purposes
  • Zoom Cloud storage is limited; please do your part to keep our cloud storage clean
  • Recordings shared via WISE can only be downloaded by the owner, not students or participants
  • Consider adding a Recording Password to prevent viewing by unauthorized persons
Using Zoom with WISE

WISE has a Zoom integration available in all course and project sites.  It's the easiest way to make course-specific Zoom meetings available to students.  Some settings are not available when making a meeting through the WISE interface, but you can log in to willametteuniversity.zoom.us and make changes to meetings you've scheduled in WISE.  This includes assigning students to breakout-rooms.  Just remember two things:  (1) Breakout Room participants need to be added by their complete email address (2) Students need to join the meeting with their official Willamette Zoom account to be properly routed into their pre-assigned breakout room.  (Be sure everyone signs in using the SSO option!)

Transcription in Zoom

Zoom has free Auto-Transcription!  During a meeting, click the CC button and select AutoTranscrption. If recording, you will find in addition to the recording file a text document containing the time/participant marked transcription of your meeting.

Choose Delegates to set up Zoom Meetings on your behalf

1) Log in to willametteuniversity.zoom.us
2) At the far left side of the window, Click Settings
3) Scroll to the VERY bottom of the settings list
4) Under Schedule Privilege click the + and then type the full WU email address of folks who should be able to schedule a meeting for you
5) To remove privileges, simply click the X next to the user in the list

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