WISE includes many tools to facilitate the exchange of digital materials; each avenue facilitates a different type of sharing. The Assignments and DropBox tools provide private channels between an instructor and each individual student. Read-only versions of files can be shared with all other site members using the file attachment function of the Forums, Blogger and Blogs tools. Finally, folder(s) with appropriate changes to permission levels can be used for either read-only or for read/write access to allow students to edit each other's work.

The Assignments Tool

Use the Assignments tool when you want to create structured assignments that include instructions, submissions and feedback/grading components. Assignments can be linked to Gradebook items. The Assignments tool can also be linked directly to Turnitin; originality reports are generated automatically when a student submits an assignment and results can be accessed from WISE. The student view of the Assignments tool lists all open, in-process and completed assignments and students can click on graded assignments to access the feedback. The default instructor view lists all assignments; a "Grade" link for each assignment provides access to all submissions for that assignment.

The DropBox Tool

Use the DropBox tool to create a private file repository between the site manager(s) and each individual participant. Drop boxes can be useful in both course and project sites. Drop boxes look and function much like the Resources tool; you create folders and subfolders and upload files to them. Managers see a folder for each participant; participants see only their own folder and any subfolders they have created.

Using File Attachments

Use the attachments feature of the Forums, Blogs, and Blogger tools to share read-only versions of materials and to capture comments about the materials.

The Resources Tool

Use a folder or folders in the Resources tool to create a space for file sharing among participants. Use the Actions menu on a folder to set participants' permissions to "new," and "revise.any" to set up a peer editing/review assignment. Use the groups function to create folders that are exclusive to small review groups.

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