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Type Purpose and Notes Quantity
Speakers Amplifies your sound and can act as monitors 15
Subwoofer Adds the heavy bass 4
Wired Microphones Unless specified all mics will be wired 11
Wireless Microphones More wireless mics can be secured upon request 2
Boom Microphone Stands Commonly used for instruments 5+
Straight Microphone Stands Straight up and down mic stands 5+
Speaker Stands Raises speakers above the crowd 8
DI Box Upon request only  3+
Mixer We will provide the best suited mixer and rack for your event and inputs 9
DJ Kit
Vestax PCV-175 and Technics SL 1200mk turntables. We do not live DJ and request you provide your own
Light Controller
Carvin LC24, 24 Channel Dimmer
Light Bars A variety that can do everything from single color to flash with the music 6
Light, LED
Elation Opti LED RGB (DM)
Light, Par Can
Light, SFX/Other
ADJ Comscan LED
Light, SFX/Other Martin Ef1i 1
Light Stands Raises lights above the crowd 4
Laptop Macbook Pro, this is for use by our technicians only we can play ad free Spotify as well as QLab 1



Willamette University

ASWU Sound

Office of Student Engagement and Leadership, UC 2nd
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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