The client must agree to provide suitable electrical service, a safe environment for the equipment and its operators, and the payment of charges for the use of equipment and technicians. Clients are responsible for any damage incurred at the event not related to regular wear and tear or improper handling by the technicians. The client's organization is financially liable for any malicious or unreasonable damage to any ASWU Sound equipment. The client will be informed if any damage is noted by ASWU Sound employees and charges for that damage will be added to the client's event charges and deducted from the same account, unless the client requests otherwise. If the account number is unknown at the time of signing, the client's signature gives ASWU Sound permission to request the organization’s account number from the Willamette Accounting Office.

No one attending the event is allowed to operate the sound equipment and Sound Technicians have the right to shut down sound at any time if the environment becomes unsafe for them or the equipment.

All events that are free, and thus use general student funds must be open to every student.

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