Bearcat Chat - Alumni and Parent Outreach

Willamette’s Bearcat Chat (formerly known as Telefund) is comprised of 26 dedicated Willamette students and its mission is to connect alumni, parents, and friends back to the university.

bearcat chat callers

Being a member of the Bearcat Chat team means sharing WU stories and learning WU history from those who lived it. Bearcat Chat team members also verify and update alumni and parent records, provide updates on campus news and events, and raise money to directly support today’s students and professors. Our team holds nearly 8,000 individual conversations each year. The financial support received through Bearcat Chat directly impacts all students and professors across Willamette’s colleges.

If you receive a call from Willamette (503) 370-6100, it is a Bearcat Chat caller. We encourage everyone to take the opportunity to talk with a student and find out how things have changed since you last visited campus and how you can help make a difference in a student’s life at Willamette.

For more information, contact Haley Morris in the Willamette Annual Fund Office at or 503-370-6746.

To give to Willamette, visit our online form.