The Student Learning Outcomes of the Archaeology Program include

  1. Broad Overview of the Current State of Archaeological Research Around the World (i.e., archaeological literacy, as evidenced by the acquisition of basic geographical, cultural, and historical data)
  2. Familiarity with Disciplines Essential for Understanding the Development of Human Culture (as evidenced by the acquisition of appropriate critical terminology as well as the acquisition of basic disciplinary tools of analysis)
  3. Understanding the Variety of Methods used for the Study of Material Culture (as evidenced by the development of interpretive skills or hermeneutic practice)
  4. Integration of Understanding of the Natural and Social Sciences, the Arts, and the Humanities (as evidenced by the ability to engage meaningfully in an interdisciplinary scholarly dialogue, i.e., metacriticism)
  5. Specialization in a Specific Methodology, Geographic Region, and/or Period (as evidenced by the acquisition of appropriate research tools for in depth analysis in a specific area of interest)
  6. Archaeological Writing (as evidenced by the application of methodologies and interpretive tools in arguing a thesis)
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