Delaney Kai Russell Agodon
The Politics of Sculpture: Antonio Canova and Anti-Imperialist Iconography

Delaney Kevyn Buchanan
The Language of Lines: A Catalogue and Exploration of Decorative Techniques on Cypriote Objects in the Neumann Collection of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, from the Early Cypriote to Cypro-Archaic Periods

Ren Daubert
The Mth Dimension: Marcel Duchamp and 19th- and 20th-century Mathematics

Joanna Gold
Life in Layers: Time and Temporality in the Works of Hung Liu

Celeste Gutentag
Qualifying Darger: ‘Queer-Abling:’Henry Darger’s In The Realms

Madison Munro
Witches Revolt: Goya’s Radical Depiction of Women in Los Caprichos

Adrian Schnee
Maya Lin's Memory Works and the Legacy of the Sixties

Exene Vandenberg
Takashi Murakami: The Depths of Nonsense in Contemporary Art 1993-Present Day

DiTolla, Maia
The Legacy of Gabriele Paleotti’s Discourse on Sacred and Profave Images: The Case of Bernini’s Devotional Sculptures

Griffith, Kai
A Study on Bronze Armor from Crete: Cultural Exchange in the Orientalizing Period

Heumann, Abigail ‘Bee’
Queer Art and Outsider: Investigating the Works of David Wojnarowicz

Pontecorvo, Isabella
Richard Dadd’s Fairy Paintings and Their Connection to the Visual Culture of Victorial England

Birchler, Peyton
The Erotic Works of Bartholomeus Spranger as Alchemical References in the Rudolfine Court

DeGelia, Jordan
Nathan Altman: Navigating the Artistic Demands of the Soviet Revolution as a Russian Jew

Diamond, Sarah
Saul Tepper and American Illustration

Kelley, Katherine Ann
Edgar Degas’ Representations of Working Women between 1870-1900: Re-evaluating his Work as a Realist Artist

Matthews, Kendall
Grotesques Outside the Margins: A Study of the Cultural Influences of Marginalia and Grotesques through Heures de Simone Vostre a l’usage de Langres

Satterlund-Stearns, Olivia Denay
When Disciplines Collide: A Case Study of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Barry, Olivia
More than Meets the Eye: Dissecting Bellori’s Description of Guido Reni’s Paintings

Benz, Clarice
Walks with Richard Long: Preserving the Non-Sustainable Image

Chary, Meghana ‘Meg’
Beyond the Self: Examining a Selection of Egon Schiele’s Self-Portraits between the Years of 1907-1914

Ahern, Emma
Slay Artemisia: An Analysis of Assault, Survivorship and the Work of Artemisia Gentileschi

Barry, Olivia
More than Meets the Eye: Dissecting Bellori’s Description of Guido Reni’s Paintings

Benz, Clarice
Walks with Richard Long: Preserving the Non-Sustainable Image

Chary, Meghana ‘Meg’
Beyond the Self: Examining a Selection of Egon Schiele’s Self-Portraits between the Years of 1907-1914

Concannon, McCall Elizabeth
The Women of Fragonard: An Exploration of Female Artistic Identity Within the Age of Rococo

Crabb, Sarah
Villainy or Visionaries: Graffiti Art, Culture, and Law on the New York Metro From the 1960's to May 12, 1989

DeGrandmont, Devne't
Art Museums and the Public: Using Methodology to Shape Opinions

McGarvey, Alicia
Henri Matisse’s Odalisques: Imperialistic Depiction of North Africa in Early Twentieth-Century France

Riede, Melissa
Édouard Manet’s Olympia: A Progressive Guide to Ownership of the Female Body

Zavala, Maya
Federico Fellini: His Evolution of Narrative and Character within His Films

Zhang, Natalie
Women Hold Up Half His Sky: Depictions of Fu Nu (妇女) in Propaganda Posters of the Chinese Cultural Revolution

Burnett, Sarah
Depicting the Golden Age Destitutes: An Analysis of Frans Hals' Women

Evers, Emily
From the Capitoline Museum to the Banks of the Tiber: William Kentridge and the Consequences of Representation through Simulacra

Gordon, Madalyn
The Case for Hollywood Dada: Analyzing the Intersectionality of Slapstick Comedy and the Avant-Garde

Mandigo-Stoba, Kel
An Outlet for the Outlandish: Marginalia from the Gospel Book to the Book of Hours

Petersen, Amanda
Wolf Vostell: De-coll/aging Modern Culture

Sargent, Emma
The Advent of the Pure Monochrome from Monet to Newman

Seither, Ellery
Interactive Art: Challenging Norms and Reflecting Society

Arnold, Emily
Shaping Japanese Artistic Identity: Intertextuality in Kurosawa's Dreams

Brown, Stephanie
For Loathe or Love? Asexuality as a Critical Paradigm in Degas' Depictions of Women

Edgerton, Elizabeth
Local Looks: Photographic Portraits and the Question of the Paulus Studio in Salem

Garrison, Kristin
Purposefully Unfinished: Rethinking the Structural and Conceptual Boundaries of Artworks

Jones, Julia
Dissecting Thomas Eakins: An Investigation of Art and Anatomy in The Gross Clinic

Mercer, Jemma
My Beautiful Witch: Salvator Rosa's Images of Sorcery and Witchcraft

Page, Karen
Heads Will Roll: A Study of the Iconography of Beheadings in Art

Sandell, Erik
The Oregon State Capitol: Building a New American Iconography

Atherton, Michelle
Solve et Coagula: An Alchemical Analysis of the Paintings of Bartholomeus Spranger in the Court of Rudolph II

Bond, Molly Fairfax
Shaping Spectatorship in Art: A Study on Francesco Salviati's "Scenes from the Virgin's Life"

Cohen, Grace
What is the Boroque Style? Francesco Borromini and the HIstoriography of the Baroque Phenomenon

Croney, Alyson
Liberty Leading the People: Delacroix's New Liberty

Douglass, Pauline Lee Anne
Queer Theory in Art: An Abnormal Lens

Foster, Michaelanne McCormick
Images Made Without Hands: Understanding Iconoclasm by Analyzing its Most Powerful Icon

Geiszler, Alexander Olsson
Kirchner's Woodcuts and the Story of Peter Schlemiel

Macaluso-Green, Hannah R.
Subjectivity and Irony in the Art of Bas Jan Ader and Ger Van Elk: 1970-1975

Marsella, Katherine A.
The Impressionists' Dealer: Paul Durand-Ruel and Shifting Paradigms of the 19th Century Art Market

Packer, Madeline Mendez
Ana Mendieta: Challenging Phallogocentrism

Ricchio, Stephanie
Umberto Boccioni: The Anxiety of Influence in Italian Futurism

Swart, Matthew R.
Transgressive Art and the Temporality of Decency: The Ultimate Value of Censoring Censorship

Van Hook, Elizabeth
Feminist Theory and Assigning Meaning to Edouard Manet's Works

Albright, Winifred
A Question of Attribution: The Beaux-Arts "Fall of Icarus" by Pieter Bruegel

Bishop, Caroline
From Vandal to Valor: The Social Change in Graffiti

Dent, Taylor
James Turrell: Questioning the Inseparability of Language from Experience as Evaluated by Agamben’s Experimentum Linguae

Gray, Victoria
A Marxist Art Historical Analysis

Lyman, Natalie
Reflections on Revivalism: New Models and Theories

Oldham, Christian Alborz
Wish to Blaspheme Ikebana 

Johnson, Lauren
A Physiognomy of Words: The Performance Process of Fiona Banner

Newhall, Patrick
Tradition and Innovation in American Artistic Culture: The Reception of European Modernism and Its Effect on Artistic Culture in the Early 20th Century United States

Schroeder, Katharine Hope
Reform Movement Clothing in Fin-de-Siecle Vienna

Sternbach, Jessica Sara
Painting Faith: An In-Depth Analysis of Johannes Vermeer’s "Allegory of Faith"

Van Dine, Virginia
Gianlorenzo Bernini in Paris: An Investigation of the Italian Sculptor and Architect and his Commissions for King Louis XIV

Armitage, Amelia
Nineteenth-Century American Picturesque Landscapes: Central Park Landscape Design as Fine Art

Booth, Lydia
Georges de la Tour and the Penitent Magdalene’s

Gallegos, Vanessa
The Visibility of Judith Leyster: a Woman Artist of the Seventeenth Century

Greenwell, Lauren
Photographs that Shaped a Nation: Dorthea Lange, the FSA, and Japanese American Internment

Harms, Valerie Grabow
Artemisia Gentileschi’s "Judith Slaying Holofernes:" The Subversion of the Male Hero

Hill, Alice
A Meta-Critical Study on Sandro Botticelli’s "Birth of Venus"and "Primavera:" A Quest for Meaning

Jones, Lauren
Pieter Bruegel’s "Peasants:" A Scholarly Debate on its Interpretations

Kuhn, Sam
Ceci N’est Pas Un Mystère: An Art Historical Investigation of Reality in David Lynch’s "Twin Peaks"

Lawther, Olivia
A Critical Analysis of Cesare Brandi’s Theory of Restoration with Reflections on Barbara Appelbaum’s Conservation Treatment Methodology

McDowell, Emily
Cute and Radical: A Female Visual Code of Superflat

Main, Reva
William Eggleston: “Father of Color Photography”

Meyers, Jessica
Cultural Receptions of Forgery in 18th and 19th Century Europe

Morehouse, Madeline
Post-Revolutionary Mexican Artists: Their Exploration of a Mexican Identity

Scott, Hayley
The Russ Building: A Case Study of Neo-Gothic Forms in Twentieth Century American Skyscrapers

Berezni, Emily
Metacriticism and Scholarship: A Case Study on Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights

Deason, Lauren
Painting the Invisible: Leonardo’s Landscapes

Helmbold, Kimberli
The "Peley Manuscript:" A Case Study of a Book of Hours in the Collection of the Mount Angel Abbey Library

Nishioka, Ryder
Savonarola on Art: An Investigation into Restrained Progressivism

Pawlick, Kathryn
Street Art: A Typology of Artistic Creation in the Public Environment

Alexander, Alisa
Henry Darger as a Case Study for Outsider Art: Canonicity, Aesthetics, and Context

Johnson, Susan
Nicolas Poussin and "Ut Pictura Poesis:" Transcending Classical Landscape

Liberatore, Sarah
The “I” in the Mirror: The Convex Mirror in Fifteenth- and early Sixteenth-Century Flemish Painting

Morton, Paige
E.L. Kirchner’s Late Landscapes: Rebellion and Nationalism in Nazi Germany

O’Neil, Colleen
"Non-Finito:" An Investigation of Michelangelo’s Unfinished Works

Peaselee, Christina
Classical Figures as Symbols in Western Art Exemplified by Jacques-Louis David’s "The Death of Socrates"

Appleton, Emily
Marlene Dumas: Finding Life in Death

Dellaport, Patti C.
Welcome to the Superflat: The World of Takashi Murakami

Forsko, Samantha
The Search for Leonardo’s Lost Mural, "The Battle of Anghiari"

Franklin, Xochilth
Exhibition of Absence: Redefining Museum Space

Gledhill, Connie
Martin Parr: A Chronicle of Our Age

Maki, Alison
Julio Gonzalez, the Father of Modern Sculpture: A Study of Intertextuality

Rathbone, Vina
The Elgin Marbles Debate

Wilson, Matthew
The Enduring Power of the Artistic Image: Iconological, Semiotic, and Indexical Analysis of Piranesi’s "Arch of Titus" (1748)

Cherpin, Elise R.
Edgar Degas’ Visualization of Truth and Illusion in Nineteenth Century Middle-Class Society

Fairbanks, Allison Lee
Odilon Redon: Still Life Re-Imagined

Gordon, Katherine
Mario Testino and the Creation of the Celebrity Image

Isto, Raino
The Window Into Discourse: Negation, Affirmation, and Postmodern Language in Marcel Duchamp’s "The Large Glass"

Kreskey, Faith
Infinite Light: Yayoi Kusama’s Mirror Rooms

Lawrence, Jessica
Vermeer’s "The Love Letter:" Letters, Love, and Women’s Roles in The Netherlands during the Seventeenth Century

Maher, Katrina
Reading the Social and Religious Messages of the Virgin in the Praeces Piae

Rose, Amanda Tyra
Vincent van Gogh: Manic Genius Work

Sabo, Anna Kirsten
Tradition and Innovation in Richard Rogers’ Lloyd’s of London

Bell, Grahan
Ingres as Proto-Modernist: Tradition Challenged in a Romantic Age

Crisp, Laura
Edouard Manet’s Engagement of Tradition: A Parisian Pastoral Picnic

Doughty, Elizabeth
Images of Personal Religion: Marc Chagall’s Song of Songs Cycle (1955-1967) in the Message Biblique

Gilbert, Meg
Changing Tides: Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary Northwest Coast Indian Art

Heinisch, Molly
A “Cocktail Shaker” of Style: The Chrysler Building and its Role in Film and Television

Jay, Keone
Michelangelo’s Homoerotic Presentation Drawings for Tommaso Cavalieri

Read, Kimberly
Revising a Revisionist Theory: History’s Impact on Edward Steichen’s "Family of Man" Exhibition

Riippi, Christine
The New Amsterdam Theatre: Architecture as an Active Participant in the Theatrical Experience

Sato, Kimi
Hisako Hibi: Interned Images by an "Issei" Woman Artist

Shives, Alison
Balinese Calendars: Functional Art in Daily Life With a Discussion of the Western Influence on Modern Balinese Art

West, Erin
A Murky Kind of Freedom: A Re-reading of John Everett Millais’s "Ophelia"

Zeitlin, Naomi
Exploring Negative Space: Voids and Concavities in the Sculptures of Alexander Archipenko

Bagge, Morgan
"Fog Line:" Single Shot, Multiple Texts

Elerath, Kasia
The Queen, the Painter, and Power: A Study of Rubens' Medici Cycle and the Orb as a Symbol of State

Hansmeier, Julia
Bernardino Luini's "Christ Among the Doctors:" Its Sources and Variations

MacKenzie, Alex
Reinterpreting the Architectural History of Castle Leod

McFaddin, Read
An Argument Against Central Italian Influence on Titian's "Assumption of the Virgin"

Mitchell, Ann
The Artistic Range of American Artist, Mary Cassatt

Revoir, Amber
In Full Bloom: The Unique Relationship Between Pablo Picasso and Francoise Gilot

Tran, Yen
Holbein's "The Ambassadors" Seen Through His Representation of Fabrics

Dill, Sarah
The Construction of Violence and Beauty: Goya, the Chapman Brothers, and "Disasters of War"

Donovan, Stephanie
Tom Ford: Body, Beauty, and Glamour

Powell, Janeen
Cajun Myth, Folklore, and Legend in the Art of George Rodrigue

Asher, Amanda
John James Audubon: Scientific Illustrator or Artist?

Candia, Cathleen
Mudejar of Aragon: An Illustration of Religious Conflict in Medieval Spain

Feldman, Susan
Jacques-Louis David: The Creation of an Empire

Groves, Cortney
Wayne Thiebaud: An Investigation of the Artist' s Association with Pop Art

Jaffe, Nancee
Neoplatonic Thought During the Medieval Era and its Influence on the Cosmati Floor at Westminster Abbey

Prieto, Melissa
Winslow Homer's Schoolhouse Images: A Window Into the Artist

Puterbaugh, Emily
The Puppetistas: Examining the Use of Large Scale Puppetry in the School of the Americas Watch Movement

Schmitz, Sica
The Inspirations of Annie Leibovitz: The Suggestion of Originality Through Contemporary Celebrities Emulating the Canon

Hadrovic, Alma
The Loss and the Gain of Architectural Identity in Sarajevo: The Meeting Point of East and West

Kuramoto, Garrett
The House that America Built: Development of the Modern Ballpark and Current Trends in Stadium Architecture

Maunu, Alina
The Art of Albert Patecky: Inspired by Kandinsky and the Historic European Avant-Garde

Phillips, Edwina
Murky Reflections and Linear Beauty: Two Etruscan Mirrors of the Hellenistic Period

Schubothe, Karly
Discursive and Figural: Millais' "Mariana" as a Pre-Raphaelite Painting

Scott, Emily
Icons Today: Orthodox Iconography in Twenty-First Century America

Tibbles, Kelsey
Tradition and Originality in Lucian Freud's Naked Portraits

Avery, Jenny
A Piece of the Renaissance: A Banquet Sketch by Giovanni Battista Franco

Biethan, Stacy
Cycladic Vessels and the Afterlife: Icons of a Goddess

Bonsi, Erin
Wall to Wall: Manifestations of the Chicago Mural Movement in Portland, Oregon

Johnson, Kurt
Images of Oregon's Past: Community, Industry and University Through the Lens of Otto K. Paulus

Cooley, Kristy
Disabled Artists: A Glimpse into the Difference Beneath the Label

Ebzery, Allison
Controversy and Expression: Oswaldo Guyasamin' s Humanistic Vision Presents a New Perspective to the History of Ecuador

Gilmore, Beth
Learning from Libraries: A Study of Jacob Lawrence and His Depictions of the Black Academic Environment (for American Studies Major)

Henrikson, Erica
An Obscured Provenance: The Lost Past of Four Barbizon Paintings

Wilson, Christopher
Examining the Portland Bronze

Boehm, Emily
Botanical Significance in the Unicorn Tapestries

Cardwell, Sarah
On the Edge of Reality: Idealized Gardens and Illusionistic Imagery in Pompeian Wall Paintings

Cheney, Meaghan
Li Cheng's A Solitary Temple Amid Clearing Peaks

Golsong, Ann Marie
Abbot Suger's Influence on the Iconography of the Tree of Jesse in Medieval France

Haynes, Kendall
The Arnolfini Double Portrait: A Ducal Treatise on Courtly Love and Religious Piety

Jaeger, Sara
The Portland Vase

Stampfli, Heather
A Tale of Two Madonnas

Barber, Joanna
The Bayeux Tapestry: An Analysis of its Components, its Artists and its Origins

Murch, Beatrice
Napoleon I, the Louvre and Ingres: Political and Cultural Influence on Art in Nineteenth Century France

Russell, Katie
Gustave Courbet's "The Source:" Realism as Explored Through Visual Examination and Analysis

Schalk, Louis
Lunar Influence

Van Wagenen, Phoebe
Edouard Vuillard's World of Cloth and Women: A Study of Simultaneous Intimacy and Distance in Densely Patterned Interiors

Carlson, Christina
Frida Kahlo: The Paintings of the United States

Hevel, Derek
Julio Gonzalez and Alexander Calder: From Linear Drawing to Volumetric Sculpture

Shimano, Sarah
The Art of Seduction: Exploring the Aspects, Impact and Future of Aryan Art

Sonstegard, Nathan
Rembrandt Reframed: How and Why Rembrandt Transformed Portraiture in Seventeenth Century Holland

Johnson, Renae
An Interpretation of Jasper Johns' Map Paintings

Maddy, Darin
Investigating the Hour Glass: A Study of Time, Death and Judgment in Albrecht Durer' s Master Engravings

Morgan, Annalisa
Artists View: The Arab World

Stoner, Jacqueline
Politics and Perfection: The Problems of St. Peter's Basilica

Patterson, Jane
John Heartfield and Barbara Kruger: Political Commentary Through Mass-Media Image Appropriation and Photomontage

Sanders, Jeremy
Self-Image and Self-Reflection: Investigating the Lyric Program of Selected Artworks by Albrecht Durer

Young, Shanti
"The Isenheim Altarpiece:" Hints of Protestant Reform Ideology Hidden in a Substantially Catholic Work of Art. The Painter in an Era of Religious Transformation.

Arner, Helen
Architecture, Nature and Femininity in Harunobu' s Late Prints

Fritz, Christina​ (née Nelson)​
Clifford Gleason (1913-1978): His Art and His Career

Foust, Andrea
The Course of the American Empire: A New Look at Cole' s "View from Mt. Holyoke"

Petev, Todor
Icon as a Statement of Faith

Pierce, Heather
A New Approach to Problems in American Domestic Design: A Synthesis of Traditional Japanese & Contemporary American Design Elements

Portinga, Paula
Boxed, Strung, Tied, Framed, Warped: Restriction in the Early Works of Robert Rauschenberg

Craven, Jennifer Ann
Matisse: From Painting to Cut-Out

DeLeo, Juliana
Contextual, Cultural and Devotional Differences in Early Fifteenth Century Paintings: The Merode Altarpiece and the San Marco Annunciation

Heil, Sara M.
The Progress of Neo-Plasticism: Red as an Indicator of Evolution

Vollan, Kirsten
The Study of the Botanical Motifs in the Decoration of Chinese Export Porcelain in the Mark and Janeth Hogue Sponenburgh Collection

Coleman, Elizabeth
The Images of Georgia O'Keeffe: An Extension of American Vision

Ragain, Lisa
Society, Politics and Mixed Media in Russia and Germany 1917-1924

Scott, Schelleen
Michelangelo Rediscovered in the Sistine Chapel

Fishman, Eric
The Politics of Picasso: Artistic Freedom Confronting Fascism

Allen, Betsy
Camille Pissarro As A Printmaker

Madura, Jalaine Marie
Donald Judd: A Lesson in Vision

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