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Degrees Available: Bachelor of Arts

Team up with your professors on innovative studies and put your ideas to work in the lab and the field.

There’s never been a more exciting time to study biology. Every day brings transformational discoveries that will shape the future of society, and you can make meaningful contributions to this dynamic field during your time at Willamette.

You’ll explore diverse topics, create knowledge and utilize the latest technology in the lab and the field. You’ll also work closely with students who value your ideas and professors who encourage you to focus on the things that matter to you most.

Whether you’re conducting high-level research on campus or examining the varied ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest, you’ll gain the kind of experience that’s reserved for graduate students at other universities. By the time you leave Willamette, you’ll be ready to pursue careers in medicine, applied sciences, academia — the choice is yours.

Featured Alumni


Alfredo Zuniga '12

  • Earned a PhD in neuroscience at Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland
  • Attended the college access program Willamette Academy
  • At the University of Texas at Austin, he genotyped animals and used protocols he learned at Willamette his junior year

Pat Keys '05

  • Keys is a research scientist at Colorado State University
  • Invited to be keynote speaker at the second committee of the U.N.’s General Assembly in New York
  • His address explored whether a just and equitable future is still possible in light of climate change

Victoria black Horse '13

  • Enrolled citizen of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma
  • Mentored Native American students and worked on a nearby reservation assisting a family medicine physician
  • Former president of what is now the Native and Indigenous Student Union
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