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Grant Thorsett

Professor Emeritus

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  • PhD, Yale University 1969


  • Rose, S., K. Sturgeon, J. Hare, and G. Thorsett. 2000. Soil Microbial Ecology of Oregon White Oak in an Urban landscape. (Submitted to Northwest Science).
  • Rose, S., G. Thorsett, K. Sturgeon, and J. Hare. 1997. Soil microorganisms in the rhizosphere of Oregon White Oak. Proceedings of the Oregon Academy of Science. (abstract)
  • Sturgeon, K., J. Hare, S. Rose, and G. Thorsett. 1997. Monitoring the recovery of an urban grove of Quercas garryana (Oregon White Oak) following changes in management practices. Natural Areas Association Conference, Portland, Oregon. Proceedings (abstract).
  • Thorsett, G. 1977. Computers in the Biology Laboratory. Oregon Computing Teacher.
  • Thorsett, G. 1976. The Use of the Computer in an Introductory Biology Laboratory. Proceedings of the 7th Annual Conference on Computers in Undergraduate Curricula.. Binghampton, New York.
  • Thorsett, G. and F. Hutchinson. 1971. Effects on bacterial transformation of single-strand breaks in DNA, produced by deoxyribonuclease I and gamma rays. Biochem. et Biophys. Acta 238, 67-74.
  • Koehnlein, W., Thorsett, G. and F. Hutchinson. 1966. A bacterial DNA with a difference in the thymine content in the complementary strands. Biochem. et Biophys. Acta 119, 195-197.
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