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Colin Dexter

Author; Born: September 29, 1930 in Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK

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  • B.A. Classics, Christ's College, Cambridge, 1953
  • M.A. (honorary), Christ's College, Cambridge, 1958

The author of the hugely popular Inspector Morse mysteries, Norman Colin Dexter graduated from Cambridge University with a BA and MA in Classics. He taught Greek and Latin in various schools before being employed by the Oxford University Examination Board.

A Veteran of the Royal Corps of Signals, Dexter is also a former champion of the Ximenes and Azed cryptic crossword puzzle championships.

After having read two mediocre crime novels in 1972, he decided he could do better. This translated into his first book, Last Bus to Woodstock in 1975, introducing Inspector Morse and his assistant Sergeant Lewis. Dexter has written thirteen Morse novels and a collection of short stories, winning the Silver Dagger in 1979 for Service of all the Dead and in 1981 with The Dead of Jericho as well as a Gold Dagger in 1989 with The Wench is Dead and in 1992 for The Way through the Woods. In 1997 he was awarded the Cartier Diamond Dagger. Unfortunately for many fans, in The Remorseful Day, the creator decided to kill his main character. The Morse series has also been adapted for television with a huge success. (adapted from

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