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Lynn Sherr

Journalist; ABC news correspondent; Born: March 4, 1942 in Philadelphia, PA

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  • B.A. in Ancient Greek, Wellesley College, 1963.

At Wellesley, Sherr studied Greek with two well-known Classicists, Barbara McCarthy and Mary Lefkowitz. She performed in Greek plays and studied some Modern Greek on top of her Ancient Greek.

Sherr's career in journalism started with a job for the Conde Nast group. Later, she changed to the Associated Press. In 1972 she become a channel 2 news anchor in New York City. She joined ABC as a correspondent with 20/20 in 1986.

Lynn Sherr on Ancient Greek

"Why in Heaven's Name are You Majoring in Greek?"[... T]hat's a sentence that's been in my brain for nearly 40 years, because that's what everyone always asked me then, and still does. [... I]n fact, I am doing something with my Greek -; I am living it every day and using it in everything I write and read and say.

The short answer to the question is simple: Why did I major in Greek? Because I liked it. Loved it. And yes, I think it's made me a better person. Really."

(From: Lynn Sherr's CAAS talk in 2000)


"Why in Heaven's Name Are You Majoring in Classics?" Lynn Sherr talk at the 2000 meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States.

Lynn Sherr bio on ABC News website.

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