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Lexie Burns


Colloquium Associate

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Salem Campus

About Lexie

  • Majors: Environmental Science and Civic Communications and Media
  • Minor: N/A (right now)
  • Hometown: Jonesboro, AR
  • Extracurriculars: I am on the Executive Team for Asian Coalition for Equality, an employee at The Bistro, part of the Multiracial Collective and QTPOC. Also, I was an Ohana leader last school year, and I am working with one of my professors on her grant project. 
  • Favorite classes: Asian Social Media; the Politics of Environmental Policy Making; The Chemistry of Renewable Energy; and Ballet
  • Favorite place on campus: When I am not in my room or in classes you can most likely find me at the Bistro! I think it's a fun place to socialize and when it isn’t as busy it is a good place to study. Though on a sunny day I will likely be by the mill stream or wandering around campus. 
  • Favorite place off campus: I really love the Salem Saturday Market! I try to go every Saturday that it’s open. When the Saturday Market isn’t going on, I really enjoy just being downtown.


  • I am a HUGE fan of K-pop! (Some of my favorite groups are SHINee and ATEEZ)
  • I love bugs, and even had a pet praying mantis!
  • I know how to darn (it's like weaving a new piece of fabric to fix a hole)
  • I did 25 days of cookies in the Baxter kitchen my first year
  • I am a foodie

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! The best way to contact me is through email (

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