The faculty and students of the Department of Exercise and Health Science utilize several facilities around campus, to accommodate our many and diverse course offerings, research interests, and community outreach opportunities. Our students and faculty spend considerable amount of time and energy in each of the these facilities.

Collins Science Center

Olin Science Center

The Department of Exercise and Health Science is housed in the fourth floor of the Collins Science Center, where the faculty offices, Human Anatomy Laboratory, iScience Laboratory, and classrooms are located.
These spaces are designed for interdisciplinary collaborations among students and faculty. Additionally, Collins Science Center houses several other science programs.

Gatke Hall

Built originally as the Salem Post Office in 1903 and moved intact in 1938 to its present location on campus, Gatke Hall now houses the Exercise and Health Science Integrated Laboratory among other Gatke HallUniversity programs. The Integrated Exercise Science Laboratory now occupies the main part of the first floor, and holds the Biomechanics, Care and prevention, and Exercise Physiology labs.

Lestle J. Sparks Center

In addition to housing the Department of Athletics and the University Fitness Center, the Department of Exercise and Health Science teaches in Currey classroom and maintains the activityLeslie J. Sparks Center courses in the Sparks Center.

Willamette University

Exercise and Health Science

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