Requirements for the French and Francophone Studies Minor (20 semester hours)

No more than 12 semester hours may be earned through off-campus or foreign study programs.

Core courses

  • FREN 331W French Composition and Discussion (4)
  • FREN 340 Readings in French Literature (4)

One course from the following (4 semester hours )

  • FREN 336 France and the Other (4) or
  • FREN 337 French and Francophone Studies II (4) or
  • FREN 430 Civilization and Its Critics (4)

Two additional courses in French (8 semester hours )

  • Numbered electives at the 300 or 400 or above level (8)

The department strongly urges its students to improve their language competency and broaden their education through off-campus study in approved programs. Of special interest to students of French and Francophone Studies is the Willamette semester abroad in France, CIDEF in Angers and CUPA in Paris. The CIDEF (Centre International D’Etudes Françaises) is an intensive language and culture program which places students into the appropriate level courses based on their current language ability. The CUPA program (Center for University Programs Abroad) is recommended to highly motivated juniors and seniors interested in individualized programs of study at the leading Parisian universities and institutes.

Credits earned in Willamette University's off-campus study programs, or in other pre-approved foreign study programs, may be substituted for required courses in the French and Francophone Studies Department. Students should consult in advance with the Department Chair to assure such substitution.

The French and Francophone Studies Department also offers an assistant language exchange program in cooperation with the French Ministry of Education

Language students enjoy the use of a state-of-the-art Language Learning Center featuring multimedia stations, foreign language word processors, foreign television programs transmitted by satellite, and up-to-date communication technology.

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