GCS/Anthropology Senior Capstone

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    Dani Abraham '20

    I am exploring how a sense of community is cultivated for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) in day programs such as the one I am doing my fieldwork at, Shangri-La. I chose Salem's Shangri-La as my fieldsite because it is an amazing organization that provides a sense of belonging for individuals with IDDs and connects them with the community in a kind and supportive way. I’ll be spending my time participating in their life enrichment program and getting to know the participants and staff members over a period of a few months. My hope is that I see how the integration of the IDD community is not only beneficial to that community, but also to the whole of society, and how strong relationships between the staff and participants are key to making that possible. 



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    Paulo Amaro '20

    I went into my research with the question “How does health policy affect the way that people think about health?” There are many directions to go with this question, but I chose to work with the local nonprofit Salem for Refugees to understand how their teams help integrate people who haven't lived under a Western medicine system into our health system. I want to do healthcare advocacy in the future, so I hope this project helps me understand how our healthcare system works on a deeper level in order to learn how it can be reformed.

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    Nicole Banda '20

    I am interested in understanding how relationships are developed between refugee students and tutors and so I chose Global Partners for Student Success (GPSS) as my fieldsite. I’ll be spending time tutoring and observing refugee high school students and interviewing the staff at GPSS. My hope is that this project will give me the skills and confidence to work with a variety of people through developing a greater understanding of the diverse and shared experiences between individuals.

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    Glenn John Cervantes '20

    I am exploring drag, specifically how neoliberalism and gentrification plays a role in affecting the purpose of drag and the way local norms shift with popular culture. So, I chose Darcelle XV Showplace in Portland as my fieldsite. I’ll be spending time observing and interviewing at Darcelle XV Showplace, and I will touch on issues of gender, subversion, and audience/performer relationships. In doing this project, I hope it will allow me to develop a deeper understanding of queer theory.

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    Emmy Kuniy '20

    I am interested in community health and so I chose the Mid-Willamette Valley Health Equity Coalition as my fieldsite. I’ll be spending time learning about health education and equity, coalition building and dynamics, as well as health disparities within Marion and Polk counties. My hope is that this project will help me in pursuing a Master’s in Public Health in the future.

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    Miranda Livers '20

    I am interested in relationships between Indigenous Identity and Decolonization in Art and will be working with the George and Colleen Hoyt Collection of Northwest Coast art at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. My time will be spent researching artists for biographical statements, cataloging the prints and masks in the collection, interviewing artists, curators, and staff, and shadowing meetings and events. I will explore themes of decolonization and the complex spectrum of Indigenous Identity and hope to identify criteria for effective actions/steps in curatorial processes.

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    Maddie Malone '20

    I am interested in the world of wine, looking specifically at the wine-making industry in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. I will be spending time looking at how the wine industry in Oregon is evolving in response to climate change, identity creation surrounding wine and gender structures within the wine field. I am hoping to learn more about what it is about wine that connects us all, all while spending time in the beautiful Willamette Valley and tasting delicious new wines of course! 

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    Naomi Rothenberg '20

    I am interested in issues of human rights and migrant justice. I am working with Professor Warren Binford at Willamette’s College of Law on a project to find solutions to cross-border human rights violations. I am really looking forward to learning about collaborative problem solving on an international and cross-border level and the strategies lawyers employ to achieve these remedies.

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    Jaelin Sonoda '20

    I am studying at a local, family-owned funeral home in Salem in order to record views on death and death rites in the U.S. I will be doing this primarily through job shadowing, individual interviews, and informal interviews when appropriate to gain insight into the funeral home profession. I hope that my research will contribute to the effort of bringing death into the light of everyday American discourse in a produce way and that I will learn why death has become a taboo topic for many.

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