• Participate in the Toyama Cup Japanese Speech Contest in Portland
  • Join Japan Studies Student Leaders (JSSL) to work with Japanese students & organize Japanese related events
    • Sakura Matsuri (Cherry blossom festival) in April
    • Japanese Dance (soran-bushi, hip-hop, etc.)
    • Shodo (Japanese calligraphy)
    • Japanese Movie / Cooking Nights
    • Visiting the Japanese Garden in Portland, and more.
  • Join Willamette Taiko Club (Japanese drum)
  • Join Sanshin Club (Okinawan string instrument)
  • JET Application Workshops
  • Luncheon & Discussion with Shokokai of Portland (Japanese Business Association of Portland)

Toyama Cup 2016

Taiko drummers

Sanshin Club

Shokoukai luncheon group photo

Willamette University

Japanese Studies

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Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
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