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Degrees Available: Bachelor of Arts

Ponder questions that delve into the most profound aspects of the human experience.

What is justice? What is morality? What is the connection between the mind and the body? Philosophy grapples with questions that are integral to who we are. 

At Willamette, you’ll take a broad range of courses from professors who are experts in diverse areas of philosophy, including existentialism, political philosophy, feminist philosophy, theories of knowledge and the philosophy of language.

Small classes designed to balance careful argument with imagination and rigor will help you develop superior critical thinking skills. You’ll learn to analyze problems methodically and improve your ability to write clearly, speak effectively and think analytically. 

Our alumni have gone on to become lawyers, journalists, software engineers, professors, diplomats, doctors and communications professionals. They include an Oregon Supreme Court justice and a reporter for National Public Radio. Few disciplines can boast such diverse career outcomes, which is why The London Times called philosophy “the ultimate ‘transferable work skill.’”

Featured Alumni


Lisa Oakley '04

  • Member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s elite disease detectives
  • Served on the front lines of public health in Seattle during the initial outbreak of the pandemic
  • Her team’s work led to the social-distancing requirements and face-covering recommendations widely adopted nationwide
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