How do I choose a law school?

Be sure to keep these things in mind when you’re considering law schools:

  • Look at Bar passage rate. This will give you some idea of how effective the school is at preparing their students for the Bar exam.
  • Look at career outcomes. Check out the National Association of Law Placement (NALP) website to see the kinds of employment opportunities law graduates are finding after law school.

Should I go to law school where I want to practice?

It depends. Law schools don’t teach students the laws of a particular state; instead, they teach students general principles of law, rules and exceptions. Many recent graduates find their first jobs after law school through networking and connections made during law school, which often tend to be geographically close to the school. But with more than two-thirds of states adopting the uniform bar exam, it’s easy to make your legal education portable.

How do I finance law school?

Many types of scholarships are available for law students. Try looking for scholarships that are offered through your school, the ABA and federal/state bar associations, and various law firms to help finance your education.

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