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Pre Law programs for undergraduates

Immerse yourself in the heart of state government and pave the way for a successful legal career with our pre law program.

Choosing a Major for Your Law Career

Whether you’re deciding between a political science degree, a social science degree, or something else entirely, you don’t have to major in pre-law to prepare for your future career as a lawyer. With Willamette University’s pre-law program for undergraduates, you’ll focus on skills like communication, analytical thinking, writing, and problem-solving regardless of your major or minor. Our Salem campus, just steps away from the Oregon State Capitol, offers firsthand experiences of policymaking and the legal process. Willamette hosts pre-law events to help you learn more about a path toward becoming a law student. We also have many law firms within walking distance, so you can intern or work in the field to ensure that law is the career path you want to pursue. You can become an intern at a local law firm and help with research, investigation, or even provide litigation support. The choices are endless due to our proximity to the Oregon State Capitol and our robust network for pre law students.

If you’re committed to a career in law, Willamette offers a unique program that allows you to complete your undergraduate degree and your JD in less time. Our 3+3 dual-degree program will allow you to complete your bachelor’s degree at Willamette as well as a JD at Willamette’s College of Law in six years as opposed to seven. 

While we don’t offer an undergrad pre law major, we do prepare our students for law school. By mentoring students to achieve successful academic records, delivering the tangible skills necessary for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) or Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), and offering one-on-one time with professors to provide a strong letter of recommendation, our students are ready and prepared to attend law school.


If you have questions about the Pre-Law program at Willamette, contact Jessica Kliewer, at or call 503-370-6994.

Preparing for Law School as an Undergraduate

At Willamette University, we understand the keys to success in law school. Our recommendations include taking courses focused on reading, logical reasoning, and writing to develop essential foundations for a legal career. We even offer a specialized course, Philosophy 140: Symbolic Logic, to assist with the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). As part of our pre-law program, you can sit in on a Willamette Law class to experience the coursework and engage in discussions with current law students. Our pre-law program for undergraduate students will walk you through every step of how to prepare for law school and our academic counselors will help ensure you’re on the right path and taking classes that prepare you for attending law school.

Next Steps for Pre-Law Students

Researching law schools and finding the right fit for your future is crucial. Consider the Bar passage rate as an indicator of a school's ability to prepare students for successful legal careers. Whether your aspirations involve addressing the immigration crisis, working on healthcare policy, or advocating for the voiceless, a law degree from Willamette University can propel your ambitions forward. If you're interested in a 3+3 law program, Willamette University offers an ideal environment for your growth.

Our law school specializes in business law, public service, advocacy, international law, and health law. Situated steps away from the Oregon State Capitol building, we provide you with unparalleled opportunities to translate knowledge into action. Learn more about Willamette's College of Law to embark on your journey toward attending law school.

Featured Alumni


Megan Oshiro '15, JD'18

  • Majored in rhetoric and media studies as an undergrad
  • Black belt in karate
  • In law school, she was the notes and comments editor of Willamette Law Review, business editor of the Social Justice and Equity Law Journal, writer for Willamette Law Online, Business Lawyering Institute fellow, and leader of the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
Politics, Policy, Law & Ethics

Henry Harder '20, JD/MBA '23

  • Gained leadership skills during internships with the JAG Corps
  • Won the student appellate competition, and served as the president of Moot Court Board

Why Willamette for Pre-Law?

In addition to our proximity to the state capital, Willamette University is nestled in the heart of the vibrant Pacific Northwest. Our campus allows you to prepare for a law degree without compromising your quality of life. Salem offers a thriving downtown sector, where you can explore fantastic restaurants, delightful dessert places, and charming food carts. Take advantage of nearby attractions like Silver Creek Falls for scenic hikes or visit the Saturday Market for fresh produce. Study at a nearby coffee shop, bike around town or even visit the coast or the mountains for a weekend away. At Willamette, you'll experience the perfect blend of city life, access to Oregon's government, and legal opportunities.

We are confident that our undergraduate pre-law program will empower you to take the next step in your legal career. Willamette University is renowned for its experiential learning approach, emphasizing hands-on experiences. There's no better way to determine if a law degree is right for you than by immersing yourself in the field. Discover our convenient BA/JD program options and begin your application today!

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