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Public Health Degree


Degrees Available: Bachelor of Arts

Our Health Ethics, Advocacy, and Leadership program will empower you to improve lives and build healthy communities.

When you study public health at Willamette, you’ll address complex 21-century challenges. Those like disease prevention, access to care and environmental health – issues that affect us all. You’ll also have a chance to turn knowledge into action while you’re earning your bachelor’s degree.

Our students have collaborated with communities and Salem-area partners to investigate many public health issues. Those include vaccine coverage, food security and the possible carcinogenic effects of a common sunscreen ingredient. They’ve worked with professors in advanced labs, presented their research at conferences and published their findings in scientific journals. So can you.

Along the way, you’ll have opportunities for graduate-level coursework in health law and management. Experience like this can’t be found at any other private liberal arts university in the Pacific Northwest. Wherever your career path leads, you’ll have the breadth and depth of knowledge you need to create positive change.

Featured Alumni

Public Health

Lisa Oakley '04

  • Member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s elite disease detectives
  • Served on the front lines of public health in Seattle during the initial outbreak of the pandemic
  • Her team’s work led to the social-distancing requirements and face-covering recommendations widely adopted nationwide
Public Health

Anna Ayala '19

  • Designed a customized anesthetic at Oregon Health & Science University
  • Co-authored a study that published in a neuroscience journal
  • Collaborated with Professor of Chemistry Sarah Kirk to develop local anesthetics for surgery patients
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Public Health

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