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The field of public health is dedicated to promoting and safeguarding the health of people and the environments they live in. Willamette’s degree program focuses on affecting health outcomes for populations and communities through the lenses of equity, advocacy and leadership. Willamette graduates will be prepared to assess public health patterns, devise ethical and equitable interventions, and advocate for meaningful change in whatever sphere they choose. Furthermore, their knowledge of public health will be grounded in a well-rounded exploration of human behavior and experience across multiple disciplines, including anthropology, environmental science, statistics, and graduate classes in the College of Law and Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

Effective public health practice is predicated on careful, well-informed and ethical data collection, analysis and communications that address the political, social, economic and behavioral causes of disease, as well as other threats to human health. At Willamette, students learn the fundamental concepts, theories and ethics of public health, and they develop the communication skills, cultural competencies and broad perspectives essential to ensuring that public health interventions and programs are well planned and implemented. Willamette helps students build holistic knowledge and skills essential to public health through our interdisciplinary major, which combines a rigorous core with flexible electives and an emphasis on experiential learning.

Our Health Ethics, Advocacy and Leadership program in Public Health offers a route to careers for students with interests as diverse as public policy, education, communications, counseling and management. It also serves as excellent preparation for students with career interests in many clinical health areas.


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