A major or minor in Sociology can lead you down many different career paths or into several different fields of study. Deciding what to do with your major after graduating from Willamette can be a challenge. The links below are to websites ranging from The American Sociological Associations list of graduate schools to information on internships and fellowships. Then you can take a look at what past Willamette grads have done with their Sociology Majors. This information may give you an idea of the opportunities open to Sociology students.

Professional Organizations

Graduate Schools

A current listing of all Schools offering graduate programs is published each year by the ASA. This guide can be ordered at the ASA website. The ASA also has a variety of online resources to assist students interested in graduate work.


The ASA's Career Page is one of the best resources for identifying the kinds of employers that seek Sociology major graduates. The site has two pages that are relevant to career searches:

A hard copy version of the ASA's career list/booklet is free to students and can be ordered by calling (202) 383-9005 ext. 389.

Internships, Fellowships and Research Grants

Willamette Grads: Where are they now?

The following is a list of jobs held by Willamette graduates of the past. It offers a general picture of many of the positions sociology majors filled after finishing their studies at Willamette.

  • Teachers: 53
  • Presidents of companies: 23
  • Social work services: 16
  • Mental health services: 16
  • Investment/banking services: 12
  • Attorney/law: 13
  • Business owners: 10
  • Human relations: 10
  • Police force: 8
  • Christian services: 8
  • Hospital/safety work: 8
  • Children's services: 6
  • Insurance: 5
  • Marketing: 4
  • Realty: 4
  • Airlines: 4
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