Indicators of Achievement

Student Learning Outcomes for the Spanish Major

  1. The ability to read, write, comprehend and speak Spanish at an Advanced level
    • The ability to sustain and defend in written and oral form an argument in Spanish
    • The ability to engage primary and/or secondary texts in Spanish
  2. The ability to use appropriate critical terminology and to understand theories of interpretation, and apply them in their own writing
    • The ability to frame and pursue a research question
    • The ability to identify and integrate into their analysis relevant primary and secondary sources
  3. The ability to analyze texts from the Spanish, Latin American and Latino traditions within their cultural, political, social and historical contexts
    • The ability to synthesize knowledge
    • The ability to think critically in order to reach conclusions that go beyond re-stating the current state of research
    • The ability to place and evaluate the text within its cultural, political, social and historical contexts
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