Indicators of Achievement

Student Learning Outcomes for the Theatre Major

  1. Theatre students will demonstrate skills in the in-depth analysis of dominant and secondary themes in dramatic literature through the reading and written/verbal analysis of the works of a variety of key playwrights from the 5th century BC to the beginning of the 21st century
  2. Theatre students will demonstrate knowledge of the major presentational performance & movement styles demonstrated in “period” productions from ancient times to the beginning of the 21st century through both class and public performance
  3. Theatre students will demonstrate knowledge of the major presentational performance styles and issues in 20th century and contemporary performance through both class and public performance
  4. Acting/directing students will demonstrate an understanding of individual character motivations & action choices through the public presentation of effectively interactive performance dynamics between characters
  5. Theatre students will demonstrate responsible and effective critical response skills through the presentation of both written and verbal critiques of the performance and design work of others as well as themselves
  6. Theatre students will exhibit a consistent respect for and commitment to the profession and to fellow artists by arriving on time and being appropriately prepared for rehearsal sessions, performances, design conferences and work calls
  7. Theatre students will actively display a commitment to ongoing development as an artist beyond graduation and the protected environment of the classroom studio by assembling a professional resume, a headshot, a portfolio of accomplished performance experiences, & the public performance of a minimum of four scenes representing a broad range of performances periods and styles plus a minimum of four appropriately memorized and staged audition selections which will be performed for an audience as a capstone presentation. Design students will prepare a professional resume and a portfolio of accomplished work, plus two (2) three dimensional renderings (set, costume, lighting: models, cloth renderings, sound tracks, lighting renderings) with supporting materials (plans, elevations, patterns, collages, cue sheets, cut sheets, source materials, etc) in main area of focus and two (2-3) additional production materials (3D renderings and support materials) in other areas of design interest
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