Students completing WGS 394, Internship in Women’s and Gender Studies, will be required to intern an average of either 6 hours a week (for .5 credit) or 12 hours a week (for 1.0 credit) at an agency or in a setting where women's or gender issues are prominent. These hours need to be spread out over an entire semester (14 weeks) or over a summer (at least 10 weeks). In total, .5 credit interns need 83 hours (6 hours x 14 week semester) and 1 credit interns need 168 hours (12 hours x14 week semester) at the internship agency. Students need to have an identified on-site supervisor who will provide an evaluation of the students' work (a copy of the evaluation form to be completed can be found in the link below). Additionally, students will need to write a reflective paper about their internship experience, how their experiences contributed to knowledge gained through WGS coursework, and how WGS coursework provided a foundation for their internship experience. For 1.0 credit internships, students will be additionally required to write a second paper, linking their internship experiences to the relevant scholarship in WGS. The reflective paper should be approximately 8 pages; the scholarly paper should be approximately 15 pages. Students who opt to do a summer internship will receive credit for their internship the subsequent semester.

WGS Internship Application

WGS Internship Evaluation Form

Paper Requirements for WGS 394

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