Help Someone

Remember "SILVER" to support someone who discloses sexual harassment or violence

S afety

  • Ask “is your immediate safety at risk?” If yes, contact Campus Safety (503-370-6911) or Salem Police (911).
  • If you have concerns about an individual’s safety, contact Mid Valley Women’s Crisis Service for confidential crisis response and consultation.
  • Ask “are you hurt? Do you need medical care?” If yes, suggest a visit to Salem Hospital or Bishop Wellness Center

I nform

Inform survivors as soon as possible that you will do what you can to respect their privacy, but if you are a Willamette University employee, let them know that you cannot ensure complete confidentiality.

Here is what you can say about your responsibilities as a Willamette University employee:

"It sounds like you are about to share something important. Before you continue I would like to let you know my limits to confidentiality. I will always do what I can to respect your privacy; however, I cannot guarantee confidentiality. If you would like to speak to someone who can maintain full confidentiality, I would be happy to support you in doing so and can help connect you to those individuals. If you would like to continue speaking with me, I may need to consult with others after this conversation and provide identifying information regarding what you have shared. Do you wish to continue?”

L isten without judgment

  • Believe survivors, regardless of their choices (e.g., dress, alcohol consumption, etc.)
  • Limit your questions
  • Offer compassion and empathy
  • Do not blame the survivor for what occurred (e.g., do not ask “why” questions)
  • Focus on a survivor’s experience without labeling or defining it for that individual
  • Leave investigating and determining facts to those with that responsibility

V alidate feelings and reactions

E mpower

  • Provide options about resources so that the survivor can make informed choices, DO NOT make decisions for the survivor

R efer