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Office of Spiritual and Religious Life

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Willamette University's Office of Spiritual and Religious Life offers a wide variety of opportunities that foster spiritual growth and understanding as well as religious commitment, and ethical action.

The chaplain is charged to support people from all religious backgrounds, and those who do not identify as religious, persons of all religious persuasions — and of none. Proselytizing is not part of the program; progress along one’s own path is.

Our Mission

Recognizing and affirming the diversity of religious, ethical, spiritual, and cultural experience at Willamette University, the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life seeks to deepen spiritual and ethical dialogue and growth on campus.

We're here to help!

The Chaplain is a confidential resource for all members of the Willamette University community: (503) 370-6213

Hospitality Space

Come by the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life to study, work, or hang out! Everything from a Happy Lamp, to snacks, to the Reflection Room, are open and available throughout the day for student use.

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Office Spiritual and Religious Life

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