Before you Submit

The Green Fund has recently created the position of a “Proposal Consultant” - a student serving on the Committee who can provide support and direction in the proposal writing process.

The current Proposal Consultant is Sarah Brush. Sarah has written and accepted three Green Fund grants during her time at Willamette and can offer tips for writing proposals as well as feedback on project dynamics.

Office Hours: Thursdays, 4-5 PM (University Center, Second Floor Couches - Mill Stream Side)


Tips for Writing a GF Proposal

  1. Do your research.

In your application to the Green Fund, you will respond to several prompts regarding the motivation and goals of your project. To ensure that you respond meaningfully, make sure to do some background research for your project. A successful proposal will relate the project to a broader context, and will elicit the importance of the project in the context of our Willamette community. Additionally, plan to include stakeholders (students, staff, faculty, organizations, etc.) that have helped you develop your project’s proposal.

  1. Have a developed, feasible timeline.

Project feasibility is a primary component of criteria for the Committee’s evaluation. Having a realistic timeframe for your project- an allowance of 2-4 weeks for the creation of the project’s account, and enough time budgeted for the submission of your project write-up after its completion- will help to portray the feasibility of what you hope to accomplish.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Have an idea, but you’re not sure where to start? The Green Fund’s Proposal Consultant, your peers, faculty and staff can be great resources. The first step to writing a proposal is having an idea that you feel passionate about- talking to peers and/or advisors about your idea can be a great starting point for piecing a project together. Also, the more people you have to support your project and participate in it, the better!