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Willamette Law: Leading the Racial Justice Task Force

Willamette University College of Law Dean Brian Gallini and select members of the Class of 2020 will discuss their work as part of the Racial Justice Task Force of the Oregon Supreme Court Council on Inclusion & Fairness (OSCCIF).

When the July 2020 bar exam was canceled due to the pandemic, they quickly pivoted and began examining the racial biases and inequities in the selection of jurors in Oregon courts. This collaboration with OSCCI gave Dean Gallini the opportunity to focus the energies of our best and brightest on effectuating systemic change in the administration of justice in our state.

Join us as we discuss the experience of studying for the bar exam during a global pandemic and amid national protests, the future of the bar exam and the work of the Task Force.

Date and Time

March 2, 2021
6:00 PM PT



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Your Social Media Life and Afterlife

Andrew Gilden

Assistant Professor of Law

So many of us practically live online these days, but what happens to our social media lives after we pass on?

Join Professor Andrew Gilden as he tackles important legal questions surrounding the social media afterlife and dive into some notable cases that could impact future decisions in this ever-evolving area of the law.

Learn more about this evolving area of the law and how your own social media life and afterlife may be impacted by upcoming legal decisions.

Originally Published Dec. 9, 2020


The Evolution of Willamette's Architectural Landscape

Bill Willingham '66

Author and Public Historian

Curious to know how Willamette’s campus evolved from a single building in a field to the beautiful setting we appreciate today?

Hear public historian Dr. William F. Willingham ’66 share research he gathered for his book, "Collegiate Architecture and Landscape in the West: Willamette University, 1842-2012," and learn more about the rich history behind some of Willamette's most iconic buildings and landmarks.

Originally Published Nov. 23, 2020


Defending and Promoting Civil Rights in the Time of COVID-19

Gilbert Carrasco

Professor of Law

Professor Gilbert Carrasco will share his research and work around promoting and defending civil rights in the time of COVID. Specifically, he will help contextualize the origins and intensity of the Portland BLM movement, exploring a variety of legal issues related to the presence and actions of federal agents on the Portland city streets. He also will provide some context as to how civil rights have evolved throughout American history.

The session is sponsored by the Center for Constitutional Government, which was endowed by a generous contribution from Willamette law graduate Kenneth D. Peterson Jr. JD'80 and the Peterson Family Foundation.

Originally Published Nov. 13, 2020


Societal and Environmental Impacts on Supply Chains

Andrew Kach

Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Few of us take the time to consider how essential supply chains are to our daily lives of modern convenience ... until the store shelves are empty.

In this presentation, Professor Andrew Kach discusses the current risks and disruptions to supply chain sustainability, including modern slavery/forced labor practices as well as the impacts of COVID and other natural and man-made disasters.

Originally Published Nov. 11, 2020


The Impact of COVID-19 on Captive and Vulnerable Populations

Laura I. Appleman

Associate Dean for Faculty, Van Winkle Melton Professor of Law

While COVID-19 has touched nearly every aspect of our lives, it has particularly affected society's most vulnerable populations. In this presentation, Professor Appleman explores the profound ways in which COVID has affected a whole range of individuals who are captive and vulnerable. In particular, she discusses the incarcerated and those in nursing homes, mental institutions, foster group homes, long term care homes and community corrections. Professor Appleman also shares her research on this topic and the relevant legal issues to captive and vulnerable people who are often in high population residential environments.

Originally Published Nov. 10, 2020


Early Career Conversation: How to Land Your Next Job Opportunity

Mandy Devereux

Career Development Director

What skills and characteristics are employers really looking for? How do you effectively tailor your resume? What's the best way to go about job searching? Director of Career Development, Mandy Devereux shares job search strategies that can help you land your next opportunity!

Originally Published Nov. 2, 2020


Epidemiology, Public Health and COVID-19

Peter Harmer

Professor of Exercise Science

The COVID-19 epidemic has brought epidemiology to the forefront in the public consciousness in a way virtually unprecedented in modern times with a constant urging from public health professionals to "listen to the science."

Professor Peter Harmer examines what this actually entails and why there is still widespread resistance to public health recommendations for controlling the impact of COVID-19.

Originally Published Oct. 24, 2020


A Virtual Tour Through the Hallie Ford Museum of Art

Roger Hull

Professor Emeritus of Art History

Bonnie Hull

Artist, "Memory as Myth"

Join Roger and Bonnie Hull on an exclusive virtual tour as we visit the Clifford Gleason and Bonnie Hull Exhibitions at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.

Originally published October 13, 2020.


The Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

Dr. Daniel Nicoli

Psychiatrist, Clinical Law Program

Marijuana is a complex and controversial topic, but Dr. Daniel Nicoli breaks down the misconceptions and medical research for you in this fascinating topic. Learn about the challenges of researching marijuana, how cannabis interacts with different parts of the brain, the epidemiology of marijuana use and more in this fascinating discussion.

Originally published October 12, 2020.


Bearcat Athletics and COVID-19

Rob Passage

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Rob Passage discusses how Willamette Athletics responded to COVID-19 and share what our coaches and student-athletes are doing with this extended off-season.

Originally published October 1, 2020.


What’s Next, Now What: Am I Just Supposed to Adult Now?

Beth Dittman '02 & Kyle Flowers '14

Join career and life coach Beth Dittman ’02 and Associate Director of Residential Life at Macalaster College Kyle Flowers ’14 for an informative session on navigating life after college. Learn how to make the transition from school to a career and make a plan to put your passions into action.

Originally published September 10, 2020.


Willamette Academy Update with Emilio Solano '09

Emilio Solano '09

Executive Director, Willamette Academy

Willamette Academy and its programs have been significantly impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19. Join Executive Director Emilio Solano '09, our incredible students and academy supporters for a virtual conversation, where we update you on how we've responded to the situation, what's happening with our summer programs and activities and how we are moving forward.

Originally published August 27, 2020.


College Search Series

Sue Corner '90

Director of Recruitment, Willamette University
Part 1: Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your Summer Break

The summer months — particularly those following the sophomore and junior years in high school — can be key opportunities for organizing and making progress in a student’s college search. This session will explore the top 10 ways students can use their summer to plan and prepare themselves for the college search process.

Originally published June 3, 2020.


Part 2: Organizing a Balanced and Effective College Search

The college search has become a fairly stressful and harried pursuit for many students and families — but it doesn’t have to be. This session will look at the retention theory, which not only identifies where a student can gain admission, but a place where they will thrive. Learn about campus visits, the admission interview, gap years and the most common ways to narrow a search.

Originally published July 15, 2020.


Part 3: Pitfalls and Opportunities in the College Application

Early decision versus early action, test-optional choices and test prep vendors, academic rigor and co-curricular involvement - what does it all mean? This session will clarify some of the terms used in the world of admission and discuss the components of a typical college application. After years of reading thousands of college applications, Sue will share the most common pitfalls applicants fall into and offer advice about maximizing the application to present yourself in the most effective and authentic way.

Originally published August 12, 2020.


Happy Hour from Home: Visualising Leaders, Archigos meets ggplot

Professor Robert Walker

Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods

Utilizing the database of world leaders – Archigos (Chiozza, Gleditsch, and Goemans) — Professor Robert Walker uses R's ggplot universe and extensions to explore data on the population of world leaders over nearly two centuries. How long do leaders endure? Do entry circumstances influence tenure? How are entry and exit methods related? How do leaders die? These and comparisons among military and non-military leaders, male and female leaders, political system characteristics and other related issues are constructed as a flipbook to explore both the method of inquiry and the code tools used with the results we uncover.

Originally published July 1, 2020.


Happy Hour from Home: Craft Beer

Jake D. Hoskins

Assistant Professor of Data Science and Marketing

How can small niche firms compete with larger, more established organizations? By examining the rapidly expanding craft beer industry, this study explores how craft breweries are able to both enter the market space of these larger competitors and secure sustained patterns of growth. Specifically, we highlight two factors influencing the success of craft breweries. First, as major beer producers mimic niche products (i.e., faux craft beer), smaller niche firms are allowed to enter the market by exposing the typical consumer to the tastes of craft beer. Second, craft breweries enjoy increased success if they (a) emphasize the local elements of their company, and/or (b) offer a larger number of products.

Originally published June 29, 2020.


Business Financials During COVID-19

Matt Benjamin '02, MBA'05

Wealth Management Advisor at Northwestern Mutual

For many small businesses, these are certainly trying times. Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Advisor Matt Benjamin, MBA, CLU, joins us for a session about tangible strategies business owners can use to manage their finances. Matt will provide important information that small businesses should pay attention to, including how the recently passed CARES Act may impact them.

Originally published June 4, 2020.


Saving for Retirement During COVID-19

Bob Heck '07, MBA'11

Wealth Advisor at Kiley Juergens Wealth Management LLC

You don’t need a large sum of money to begin investing and accumulating wealth now. In this video, Bob Heck, CFP, MBA of Kiley Juergens Wealth Management discusses the “accumulation phase,” a time to use investment strategies such as dollar-cost averaging and take advantage of employer matches and contributions to build a portfolio over time. Bob talks about the importance of being an active participant in your investments and shows you how contributing even a small amount each month can pay off big in the long run.

Originally published June 3, 2020.


Retirement Planning During Uncertain Times

Barry Nelson '99

Managing Partner, Capital Financial Planners

A short-term plunge in the stock market doesn't mean disaster for those in or nearing retirement. In this video, Barry Nelson '99, CFP, managing partner of Capital Financial Planners in Salem, discusses retirement planning with a focus on playing the long game when it comes to investing and the stock market. He highlights current opportunities you can take advantage of and provide insight on recent market activity.

Originally published June 3, 2020.


37 Years of Choral Music at Willamette University

Dr. Wallace Long Jr.

Former Director of Choral Activities, Willamette University

This conversation features Dr. Wallace Long Jr, who served as the Director of Choral Activities at Willamette for the past 37 years. Dr. Long arrived at Willamette in 1983 and served as Music Department Chair from 1994 - 2001. This year marks the end of an era as Dr. Long retired at the end of the 2020 school year.

Dr. Long discusses highlights of his time at Willamette and the impact the choral program had on both himself and his former students. Finally, we hear what's next for Dr. Long.

Originally published June 1, 2020.


What I Learned in Prison with Melissa Buis Michaux

Professor Melissa Buis Michaux

Professor of Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics, Willamette University

Professor Melissa Buis Michaux has been teaching a class on restorative justice for the past five years. The class takes place in the Oregon State Penitentiary and includes 16 people who are currently incarcerated and 16 Willamette students. In this video, Michaux discusses her research on mass incarceration, criminal justice, and transformative justice.

Originally published June 1, 2020.


Christopher Foss '07 on Pacific Northwest History, Teaching, and his Liberal Arts Education

Christopher Foss '07

Adjunct Instructor, Tokyo International University of America

We are joined by Christopher Foss '07, a historian and adjunct history instructor at the Tokyo International University of America at Willamette. We hear about his experiences at Willamette University, where he discovered a lifelong love of history. He discusses how his liberal arts education prepared him for the rigors of teaching and research. Christopher is the author of "Facing the World: Defense Spending and International Trade in the Pacific Northwest Since World War II."

Christopher P. Foss '07 is an adjunct history instructor at the Tokyo International University of America Japanese student exchange program at Willamette University. Previously he taught at the University of Portland, Washington State University, Vancouver, and the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he received his PhD in US foreign relations history.

Originally published May 28, 2020.


Biotechnology in the time of COVID-19

Dara Wright '97 & Professor Karen McFarlane Holman '90

Professor of Chemistry Karen McFarlane Holman '90 is joined by Dara Wright. Dara is a Willamette University graduate from the Class of 1997 and currently serves as the EVP and President of the Clinical Diagnostics Group at Bio-Rad Laboratories. She is an experienced biotechnology leader with a demonstrated track record of commercial success in both research and clinical sectors.

We talk to Dara about the role her company is playing in the efforts to detect the immune response to SARS-Cov-2 and how her time at Willamette helped prepare her for the role she holds now.

Originally posted May 14, 2020


Adapting to a New Reality in the Workplace

Sandi Collins Hildreth '93

Sandi Collins Hildreth '93 is the Global Human Resources Director for Wieden+Kennedy, the world's largest remaining independent advertising agency. Sandi joins us to talk about her 26 years of experience in human resources and how the COVID-19 crisis is changing the way we work. She also shares important advice for new graduates who are facing a job market shaped by COVID.

Originally posted May 12, 2020


Not unto ourselves alone

Karen Wood

University Chaplain

Willamette University chaplain Karen Wood joins us to talk about the history of Willamette's convocation tradition, a day in the life of a chaplain and her work serving the community through mindfulness and spiritual development.

Originally Posted April 27, 2020


Supporting Students Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Carol Long

Provost and Senior Vice President

Tiffany Newton, director of graduate alumni engagement, spoke with Carol Long, provost and senior vice president, about the challenges and opportunities facing Willamette University's faculty, staff and students as they adjust to remote instruction in the time of COVID-19.

Originally Posted April 13, 2020


Teaching and Learning at Willamette

Karen Arabas

Professor of Environmental Science and the Associate Director of the Sustainability Institute

Karen Arabas is a Professor of Environmental Science and the Associate Director of the Sustainability Institute. She earned her PhD at Penn State University and her research interests center on both theoretical questions regarding forest ecology and biogeography, as well as the application of theory to managing and restoring forests. Karen focuses on both natural and human disturbances to forests, and she uses tree rings to help interpret past disturbances and their impacts on forests, such as fire, climate and competition.

In this conversation, we talk about Karen's recent study abroad program with Willamette University students in Northern Ireland, Willamette at Zena, what we can learn from studying tree rings, former students doing noteworthy work, and what Karen likes most about teaching at Willamette.

Originally Posted April 13, 2020


Shtick to Business

Dr. Peter McGraw

Dr. Peter McGraw is a behavioral economist, sought after professional speaker, and global expert in the scientific study of humor. He directs The Humor Research Lab (HuRL), hosts the podcast I’M NOT JOKING, and is the co-author of The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny. McGraw is a professor of marketing and psychology at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. He teaches MBA courses for the University of Colorado Boulder, University of California San Diego, and London Business School. His work has been covered by BBC, CNN, NPR, Wired, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review.

His most recent book was released April Fools Day 2020 and is called Shtick to Business: What the Masters of Comedy can Teach You about Breaking Rules, Being Fearless, and Building a Serious Career.

Originally Posted April 9, 2020


A Conversation with "Mr. Willamette"

Jim Booth '64

In this interview, we spend some time with "Mr. Willamette" as he reminisces about life as a student, hall of fame athlete and work in University Advancement including his time as Director of Alumni Relations and Coordinator for the Bearcat Travel program.


Willamette Faculty Weigh in on COVID-19

Expert faculty members from across the Willamette campus provide insights and perspectives on various dimensions of the COVID-19 crisis.

Jim Friedrich

Professor of Psychology

Mike Hand

Dean of the Atkinson Graduate School of Management

Yan Liang

Economics Department Chair

Kelley Strawn

Associate Professor of Sociology

Originally Posted March 30, 2020

Stay at Home Yoga

Mikki Trowbridge '07

Mikki helps the Willamette community to stay active with free yoga sessions that you can do from the comfort of your own living room. Grab your yoga mat and tune in. We'll keep this page updated with future sessions.

Feel-Good Flow (35 mins)

Want more yoga?

Check out Mikki's YouTube channel.

Catching up with Coaches Series

See below for a new interview series featuring Willamette coaches, hosted by Chris Sabato, assistant athletics director, media.

Lily Hallock, Volleyball

Sarah Lautenbach, Women's Lacrosse

Brent Summers, Swimming

Aaron Swick, Baseball

Paige Hall, Softball


How to Work Remotely

Jonathan Scrimenti, Assistant Director of Career Management at the Atkinson School of Management, talks about something that many of us have been experiencing for the first time: working remotely and perhaps managing others who are doing the same. In this session Jonathan shares some current research and models of how trust and communication intersect for remote employees. Later he also shares some helpful tips for making the most of working from home.

Originally Posted March 27, 2020


Business Lawyering at Willamette

Karen Sandrik, Associate Professor of Law, Co-Director of the Business Lawyering Institute, speaks at the Alumni Board of Directors Meeting about how the Business Lawyering Institute at the Willamette College of Law is bringing new skills into the law curriculum. She also discusses collaboration with community partners to prepare law students to leaders.

Originally Recorded February 29, 2020


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