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Reflections on the War in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russia began an invasion of Ukraine in an escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War spanning back to 2014. Faculty from the College of Arts & Sciences were invited to join this special panel to share the historical and political contexts related to the current war in Ukraine and to answer questions from the audience. Join our moderator Sarah Clovis Bishop, Associate Professor of Russian, and our panelists (Professors Michael Marks, William T. Smaldone, and Laura Taylor) as they reflect on the past weeks of this developing situation. 


Books That Change Lives

Provost and Senior Vice President Carol Long

As a Professor of English and avid literature consumer for over 30 years, Carol has (almost) read it all. We'll delve into some of the books that have changed her life and those of her students over the years. Explore the power of the written word with us.


PNCA Alumni Connections

Alejandra Arias Sevilla BFA’20 and Professor Melanie Stevens MFA’17

Join a chat between PNCA Assistant Professor and Nat Turner Project Co-Curator Melanie Stevens MFA’17 and Portland-based artist and printmaker Alejandra Arias Sevilla BFA’20, whose art has been featured in Melanie's gallery. During this conversation, we learn more about Alejandra's remarkable, personal and award-winning work that investigates semantics and familiar spaces while analyzing the language that knits her selfhood.


A New Vision for the Clinical Law Program

Professors Susan Cook JD’96 and Sarah Matsumoto

Willamette University College of Law

Willamette University College of Law professors Susan Cook and Sarah Matsumoto for a talk about the future of our Clinical Law Program at Willamette. This wide-ranging discussion touches upon their teaching and practitioner experiences, the history of the program and their ideas to re-envision the future of practicum education to ensure we train students for the new reality of legal practice.


Wildfire in the West

WU Sustainability Network

Why are we seeing more wildfires now? What can policymakers do about problems like wildfire and what moves them to action? What can small family forestland owners do to mitigate the risk of fire?

The Willamette University Sustainability Network (WUSN) brings together alumni and faculty with expertise from across the field of forest management, from conservation finance to federal lands management, to tackle these big questions.


Willamette MBA Executive Speaker Series

Eric Forrest MBA’94

Hear Bigfoot Beverages Co-President Eric Forrest share his experience leading a large distribution business and the supply chain challenges his company has had to overcome during the pandemic. He also expands on the human resource shortages his businesses and many others are currently facing, and his approach to management in unpredictable, high-stress situations.


Willamette MBA Executive Speaker Series

Tim O'Connell JD/MBA’85

Few things can affect how a business actually operates more dramatically — sometimes disrupting a company’s fundamental business model — than the laws governing the employment relationship where those operations occur.

Hear labor and employment law expert and Stoel Rives Partner Tim O'Connell's perspective on the state legislative process as he focuses on two bills considered during Washington’s last legislative session: Senate Bill 5172, the compromise bill extending overtime pay to farmworkers; and House Bill 1076, the effort to enact a version of California’s “Private Attorney General Act."


Estate Planning at Any Age

Susan Cook JD’96

Distinguished Professor from Practice, Willamette University College of Law

Join Susan Cook JD’96, Estate Planning Attorney and Willamette Law Professor; and Cathy McCann Gaskin JD’02, Director of Development for Gift Planning, for an overview of common estate planning documents, and how they can benefit you, no matter your age and stage in life.


The Future of Money in a Digital World

Rohan Grey

Assistant Professor of Law

Willamette College of Law Assistant Professor Rohan Grey will guide us through the largely uncharted digital financial landscape. Join us to learn about the evolving area of law around digital fiat currency, cryptocurrency and NFTs (non fungible tokens), and how your financial life may be impacted. Professor Grey is the author of the forthcoming book, "Digitizing the Dollar: The Battle for the Soul of Public Money in the Age of Cryptocurrency."


Climate Action Now!: Oregon Climate Protection Program

Willamette University Sustainability Network

Join the Willamette University Sustainability Network for a comment-writing event for the Willamette University campus and community. The panel will explain the main aspects of the draft rules for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's (DEQ) Climate Protection Program. Find out what activists are trying to change!


Becoming an Author: The History of Tarot

Host: Joe Gruber BA’09
Guest: Holly Adams Easley BA’09

Join two the friendliest Willamette graduates as they catch up on their post-student years and specifically about Holly's soon-to-be published debut book, The History of Tarot Art: Demystifying the Art and Arcana, Deck by Deck and how her passion for tarot led to unexpected opportunities.

Holly Adams Easley BA’09 is a lifelong spiritual searcher with a fondness for surrounding herself with beautiful things. Since 2018, she has co-hosted the popular Wildly Tarot podcast (discussing tarot reading, tarot decks, and mystical life). An academic advisor at a large public university by day, Holly emphasizes the allure of growth, the importance of knowing yourself, and the joy of learning, both at work and in life.


The State of the College of Law

Dean Brian Gallini

As you'll hear during this session, Dean Gallini has been engaged in the national conversation around alternatives to attorney licensure. We'll also share the latest news from the College of Law, such as our recent partnerships with Western Oregon University, University of Alaska Anchorage and University of Alaska Southeast, and more about our Signature Strengths initiative.


Alumni Awards 2021 Presentation

Watch a special presentation recognizing 13 Alumni Award honorees, including recipients from 2020 and 2021. Help us honor these outstanding Bearcats and learn more about how they are living the WU motto and contributing to their local communities. Visit to meet our honorees.


The Laura Russo Luminary Alumni Award Ceremony (PNCA)

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 PNCA Laura Russo Luminary Alumni Award: Anthony Hudson BFA13, Ellen McFadden BFA49, Lucinda Parker BFA66, and Arvie Smith BFA86.

The Laura Russo Luminary Alumni Award recognizes PNCA alumni who demonstrate excellence, impact, innovation, and integrity in their lives, work and creative practice and aims to celebrate the broad spectrum of traditional and non-traditional paths to alumni excellence.


Expanding Business Education at Willamette

Professors Ashley Nixon and Romana Autrey (AGSM)

We hear from Professors Ashley Nixon and Romana Autrey about the cutting edge curricular and experiential innovations being offered at Willamette's Atkinson Graduate School of Management. You'll also learn about Willamette's new and extremely popular undergraduate business major and how Willamette MBA is leveling up against its Oregon business school competitors.


Building a Racial Justice Task Force

Willamette University College of Law Dean Brian Gallini and select members of the Class of 2020 discuss their work as part of the Racial Justice Task Force of the Oregon Supreme Court Council on Inclusion & Fairness (OSCCIF).

When the July 2020 bar exam was canceled due to the pandemic, they quickly pivoted and began examining the racial biases and inequities in the selection of jurors in Oregon courts. This collaboration with OSCCI gave Dean Gallini the opportunity to focus the energies of our best and brightest on effectuating systemic change in the administration of justice in our state.

We all are entitled to be judged by a jury of our peers, and this webinar will examine the accuracy of that belief and the procedural and policy changes that can be made to ensure we all benefit from and receive due process during trial.


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Join Anthony Peterson '80 for an important conversation around race and diversity, a take on the racial tension during the summer of 2020 and what we can do moving forward. Watch
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